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Woman Rebukes Police for Barring Entry to Tai Mo Shan Amid Record Freeze

Hong Kong's lowest temperature recorded in 59 years drew hundreds of frost chasers up to the city's highest peak.

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 26 January, 2016, 2:26pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 1:54pm

The lowest temperature recorded in 59 years drew hundreds of frost chasers up to the highest peak in Hong Kong, prompting police to block the road up to Tai Mo Shan on Sunday morning over safety concerns, including icy conditions and slippery roads. Amid the winter freeze, a video of a woman quarreling with a police officer for denying her access to Tai Mo Shan went viral. 

Around 4pm on Saturday, the woman tried to ascend Tai Mo Shan to see frost and she was asked not to go further by the police. She refused to leave and began yelling: “It’s my life and I will be responsible for my actions. But it’s your job to rescue me if I am in danger!” 

The police warned her that she would be arrested immediately if she attempted to cross the blockade. The woman decided to leave the area with her boyfriend.

The frost chaser, later identified as "Jenny" by netizens after the video was uploaded online, was seen wearing denim shorts and leggings while she filmed police and reporters with her phone. Before she vacated the area, she turned to an Apple Daily reporter filming the scene and demanded a press pass. She then confronted the reporter, saying: “Let’s both put our videos online and see which one of them will get a higher hit rate.”

Following the release of the video, Apple Daily contacted the woman yesterday, who remained unapologetic after she was beleaguered by netizens for confronting the police. She told Apple Daily that most of her friends were able to ascend Tai Mo Shan and that she was particulary prepared because she wore "pants with fur lining."

She compared herself to people who go swimming at the beach when a red flag is hoisted.