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60 Seconds with Jules Harvey

Jules manages Linq bar

Drink of choice:
A beautiful golden, aged rum (unavailable in Hong Kong unfortunately).

In your pocket:
I am in my pajamas, to be honest.

Lethal shooter:
A Cuban Cocaine - put Bacardi 151 and a touch of Cointreau in a shot glass, then lay a slice of orange over the glass with a line of brown sugar and more 151. Light
the orange, squeeze the juice into the shot glass, down the shot and eat the fruit.

More booze, please!
Depends on whether you want your cocktail to be palatable or just want to get wasted. People in Hong Kong need to learn to appreciate well-crafted cocktails.

People to ignore:
Money wavers. Just because you have money, it doesn’t make you special!

Drink personalities:
I thought I had it down to a tee, but then I came to Hong Kong and married men were drinking Baileys and Sex on the Beach and completely threw me off.

Night off:
My couch, or Gecko’s couch if I feel like going out.

Hangover cure:
Coca-Cola and Nurofen. The black doctor is the best hit of sugar there is and the caffeine makes the painkillers work faster.

Annoying people:
Those who pretend they are your best friends so you give them free drinks. We all have to make money, guys, so stop being so goddamn cheap!

Broken-glass count:
Depends how hungover I am.