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All about PUAs (Pick-up artists)

Talk the talk, the secret language of pick-up artists

AFC – Average Frustrated Chump: single men who find it hard to meet women

Close – To complete a pick up by getting a girl to commit to a date (number close, when she gives her phone number; kiss close, when she kisses you; full close, when you have sex)

IOI – Indicator of Interest: signals from the girl that she’s interested in you

Kino – Kinesthetic approach; physical touching

LJBF – Let’s Just Be Friends; a statement by a girl that slams the door on a pickup

Neg – A negative remark directed at a girl that is designed to break her indifference to you by appearing to be indifferent to her

Obstacle – Any person who could potentially block a PUA’s chances with the target

Opener – The prepared routine or statement designed to “open” a social group to a PUA

PUA – Pickup Artist

Sarge – The act of going out purely to pick up women

Set – A social group containing a target

Target – The woman a PUA is try to seduce

PUAs About Town

“Andrew,” 28, is Hong-Kong born and bred, educated in the US, and has been sarging in Hong Kong since 2001 after discovering the fast-seduction web community.
“Has the method changed my life? Of course, man. PU (pick up)! I never had any problems with the approach, but the continuation was a problem until the clear guidance of patterning. Once, I was trying to PU this girl in LA with her BF (boyfriend) right behind her. We started making out and the BF tapped my shoulder to ‘clarify.’

“My favorite chat-up line is a simple ‘Hi,’ followed by a couple of negs. I’ve never worked with a wingman. When will I stop? I dunno – marriage.”

“Joe” is a well-spoken, six-foot-tall Brit who has been sarging in Hong Kong for about six months.
“A mate in the UK recommended ‘The Game.’ I wouldn’t say it has changed my life, but I do think it is very good for confidence-building and giving structure to social situations. It’s more of a hobby than something I take seriously, although I really enjoy using the lingo in the field.

“One friend in the UK was talking about how this book had changed his life. Before, he had gone out and had a bit of luck very occasionally, now he knew how to talk to people and his strike rate had increased hugely and he was sarging most nights.

“My favorite opener is getting a woman to touch her shoulders with her open palms, then touch her elbows together behind her back – apparently only women can do it. It’s as random as hell but it works fantastically as an opener. I taught it to some chaps on New Year’s Eve and they tried it but I had already used it on loads of HBs [hot babes] in the club we were in. It was very funny because all the women in there where suddenly wondering what was going on.

“I also use the, ‘Nah, you’ll never respect me in the morning’ line when girls ask me to buy them a drink.

“I always work with a wingman – mates who have read the required material. You support him on his sarges and he supports you. He can also help in alienating the target from the group. But you need a fair amount of honor between you – there’s nothing I hate more than opening and some AFC who doesn’t understand the rules trying to muscle in on your PU.”

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