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Travel Insider: Colin Grant

Pure International founder and CEO Colin Grant landed in Hong Kong as a young tennis star and never left. A born entrepreneur, he launched a tennis racket-stringing business and Movieland, a chain of video rental stores, when he was still a teenager, before fundamentally shaping the region’s health industry with his yoga studios and gyms.

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 23 June, 2011, 4:00pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 2:49pm

HK Magazine: What inspires you to travel?
Colin Grant: When I need headspace, I need to getaway and relax.

HK: What are some of your favourite destinations?
CG: Whistler in Canada and the Banks of Masai Mara River in Kenya.

HK: Most valued travel tips for yourself and/or others?
CG: Something nice to read and listen - bring along a good book to read and a good playlist.

HK: What do you miss about Hong Kong while you are away?
CG: My two dogs and the overall energy of Hong Kong.

HK: What aspect of traveling do you find the most difficult to do?
CG: It's difficult to handle the jet lag and time differences.

HK: How do you maintain health and fitness when you are away?
CG: I do yoga – I have my own sequence to stretch and a couple of salutations.

HK: What can’t you leave home without?
CG: I can’t but really should leave it behind me – my mobile phone.

HK: What is your most treasured possession you have picked up while traveling?
CG: A brown leather jacket I found in a flea market in Paris. It has stayed with me since then and I feel proud whenever I put it on.

HK: What has been your most memorable holiday?
CG: Heli-Skiing in Alaska

HK: What is the best restaurant, café, bar that you have visited while traveling?
CG: “Slack Season Tan Tsai Noodles" in Taipei – a local Taiwanese noodle place with a long history dating back to 1895 where I had the yummiest noodles ever.

HK: What are the top holiday destinations that you are yet to visit?
CG: Brazil during the Carnival

HK: Who is your favourite traveling companion?
CG: My girlfriend

HK: What is your ideal holiday?
CG: Going somewhere with no plan, no schedule ahead. Just get up and then plan a day.