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Five Dating Apps That Are Not Tinder

Sick of swiping left? Take these alternative dating apps out for a spin. By Evelyn Lok

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 29 January, 2015, 4:00pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:31pm


This ingenious app is here to save you from your most nightmarish dates, by letting you plan a fake call or text in case you need to make a smooth and speedy exit. Or if you’re the type to play mind games, you can also try to incite jealousy by feigning a call from another suitor. But maybe stick with the former.
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Meet My Dog

While it it’s more of an app for you to set up potential playdates for your pooch, it’s also a great way for you to meet like-minded dog-owners. Could your next great romance will be with a dashing puppy parent? At least you’d know that they’re responsible…
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Web-based app Tickr combats other algorithm-based dating apps and websites that make matches based on photographs. Instead, Tickr’s MO is that a video is worth a thousand boring questionnaire answers. Instead of fretting over profile photos, you’ll record 30-second videos of yourself and anything you want, from your niece to your pet to your star-quality singing. Definitely an app for those who like to shine on camera.
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Originally from Singapore, Paktor is a web and app platform that connects people based on common interests. Its name is a slang term in Cantonese meaning “dating.” Paktor works on a double-blind concept: everything is kept anonymous—except for your filters, which are by job, education, height, distance/country and gender—until two people show a shared interest. From there, Paktor will make the introduction. You can opt for a group chat or start a conversation directly with your object of affection; the rest is up to you.
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If music taste is a deal breaker in your relationships, Tastebuds is the one for you. The app scans your iTunes library or account for your favorite tunes, and allows you to find people nearby who share the same interests. Don’t worry: you’re allowed to sift through it beforehand, lest you connect with too many grown men who enjoy rocking out to Taylor Swift a little too much.
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