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Last Week in Reality

Last week's news in bite-sized chunks. Illustrations by Ryan Chan

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 10 June, 2015, 12:16pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:43pm

Sat 30

Curious Cat A cat gets trapped between a wall and a column of pipes in an alleyway in Sheung Wan. It yowls loudly, and a security guard calls the police. Staff from the SPCA arrive and attempt to pull it out, but the cat resists. It traps itself deeper between the pipes but a handler manages to rescue it. The cat is sent to be checked at the SPCA and a spokesperson says it will be released.

Sun 31

Road Rager A 41-year-old man making his way towards Sha Tin drives over a toll booth divider, hits the curb and flips his car. He was driving home after two sleepless nights at work, followed by a party. During the party, he had two glasses of champagne, but police confirm his blood alcohol content was still under the legal limit. He is taken to the hospital for light injuries to his arms and waist.

Mon 1

Hive Heist In the early hours, thieves steal six beehives from a farm in Tuen Mun. The hives, worth a total of $15,000, each contain approximately 40,000 honeybees. Police believe that the thieves are planning to resell the hives for a profit.

Tue 2

Dangerous Digits A 47-year-old man is chatting with his friend on a Wan Chai street when he is approached by a stranger who asks to borrow his phone. He lends the phone, and after three minutes, asks the man to hurry up. The stranger berates the phone owner and runs off with the device. Ten minutes later, he returns with four friends and physically assaults the owner of the phone. The group disappears by the time the police arrive, and the victim is taken to the hospital. As of press time, the perpetrators are still at large.

Wed 3

House Slitherin At around 6:30am a 57-year-old security guard in a Tseung Kwan O residential estate hears a rustle in the flower beds. He pokes them and discovers a meter-long green snake moving through the sunny patches of the garden. Worried that the snake could be poisonous, the guard calls the police, but the snake is gone by the time they arrive. The bright green bamboo snake is the SAR’s most common venomous snake.

Thu 4

Long Way Out An Apple Daily reader complains about an incident that occured on the 30X bus following a serious car crash earlier in the week. After getting on the bus at HKU bound for Queen Mary Hospital, the bus driver loses her way and heads to a dead-end road inside a residential estate. The passenger asks to be dropped off so she can take a taxi, but the driver says she must wait until the terminus to alight. After 20 minutes of confrontation between driver and passenger, security guards at the estate ask the bus to leave and the passenger is eventually allowed to disembark.

Fri 5

Cow Tow Motorists in Sha Tau Kok see two calves lying on the ground at 1am and notify the police. The two calves are suspected to have been hit, leaving one dead and the other severely injured. An SPCA staff member inspects the injured calf and deems the injuries too severe, and it is put down. A herd of 20 cattle is seen roaming in the area. Police find a truck mud-guard, which they believe to have been part of the vehicle that hit the cattle.