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Homophobes on the MTR, CCTV in Bathrooms, Survey Investigates Anti-Immigrant Sentiment

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PUBLISHED : Thursday, 11 June, 2015, 10:38am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:43pm

Homophobes Hit the MTR
A video documenting two women on the MTR shouting homophobic slurs and curses at Legco member Raymond “Slow Beat” Chan went viral last week on YouTube ( One woman calls him a beggar and says he does not have a penis. When a bystander asks the women to stop swearing because there are children on the train, they yell and curse at her as well. Chan is considering lodging a complaint with the Equal Opportunities Commission and has since spoken out about the incident on the radio. He is Hong Kong’s first openly gay politician.

Our take: The best thing about Hong Kong is how inclusive it is.

CCTV Found in School Toilets
Parents have discovered closed-circuit television cameras in the washrooms of 17 kindergartens run by the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children. Placed at the entrance of the washroom, the cameras peer over the sinks. Many parents disapprove of the cameras, arguing that young children need privacy and expressing concern about who has access to copies of the videos. The HKSPC says the cameras are for the children’s safety and that the schools do not keep copies of the tapes.

Our take: At what point does it become the Society for the Overprotection of Children?

Survey Investigates Anti-Immigrant Sentiment
A recent survey conducted by the Hong Kong Institute of Education’s Isabella Ng Fung-sheung of over 1,000 new Hong Kong immigrants has found that many feel discriminated against by local Hongkongers. The report found that only 10 percent of immigrants think of themselves as Hong Kong people, and the majority of respondents believe they will not find success in Hong Kong. While 50 percent of immigrants actively communicate in Cantonese, Ng suggested that many do not try to assimilate and interact with locals regularly, making them an easy target of discrimination. Ng has called on the government to support the immigrant community with better education and to set up social and charitable organizations.

Our take: Remember what we just said about inclusive Hongkongers?