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SAR Soccer Fans Boo Chinese Anthem, Mainland Students Complain About As, Students Thrown out of Korean Classroom for Wearing Face Masks

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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 17 June, 2015, 4:19pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:43pm

SAR Football Fans Boo Chinese Anthem
During last week’s Hong Kong vs. Bhutan World Cup qualifying match at Mong Kok Stadium, SAR football fans erupted in boos at the sound of the Chinese national anthem. The game was livecast on the mainland, with jeering intact. Mainland netizens responded with angry comments, with many calling the fans “Hong Kong dogs.” Hong Kong won the game 7-0. The SAR and China face off on September 3.

Our take: Ah, the beautiful game...

Mainland Students Complain About Only Getting As
HKUST students have complained to Apple Daily that a group of business students from the mainland have filed grade disputes with the university, saying that they are dissatisfied with their grades because they scored full marks on their exams but did not receive an A+ as their final grade. The syllabus for the Management Science course states that 40 percent of the grade is based on quizzes, 50 percent on exams, and the remaining 10 percent on class attendance, with specific rules regarding tardiness, absences and in-class web browsing. A spokesperson from the HKUST Business School said the incident is being looked into.

Our take: Testing isn’t everything, is it?

Students Thrown out of Korean Classroom for Wearing Face Masks
Two Hong Kong girls studying abroad at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul were ejected from a course for wearing face masks as a precaution against MERS. When their professor asked them to remove their masks, the girls pointed out that the Hong Kong government had advised them to do so, angering the professor. He berated them, saying that wearing masks
was impolite and he did not want them bringing their sensitivities
into the classroom. A university spokesperson said the two parties have since resolved their differences.

Our take: Is it impolite to take health precautions? Or is it more impolite to assume that every Korean has MERS?