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The Great Annual Hong Kong Quiz 2015

Welcome, quizketeers! It’s that time of year again when we assemble to take on the most fiendish, most interactive quiz the SAR can muster. Are you ready for some mental exertion? Quiz ho! Quizmaster: Adam White

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 25 June, 2015, 4:00pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:44pm

1. Odd One Out

Can you spot the odd one out from each of these categories?


2. Match the Angry Quotes!

Last week, Legco voted against the proposed electoral reform. Can you match the legislator to what they said during the political reform debate? 

3. Island Identification

Can you identify the island from its shape?

4. Tricky Riddle Corner

Can you solve these mind-bending conundra?

1) As I was going to Wan Chai I met a tycoon with seven wives.

Each wife had seven kids,

Each kid had seven helpers,

Each helper had seven poodles.

Wives, kids, helpers and poodles:

How many were going to Wan Chai?

2) You go for dim sum with your friends Winston and Winnie. Winston hates har gau but loves siu mai. Conversely Winnie hates siu mai, but is most partial to har gau. You like both, but refuse to eat one and not the other.

In order to make things easier, you order three steamers, clearly labeled: one with only siu mai, one with har gau, and one with both. Sadly a tragic kitchen accident means that the labels get all mixed up. A grumpy dim sum granny explains that each has a wrong label.

Without looking, you open one of the steamers and eat a single piece of dim sum, and are so able to identify which steamer is which. How?

3) You are wandering down the long, lonely path of democracy. You arrive at a fork in the road, 

blocked off by two doors. Behind one door is the road to public nomination; behind the other is a path that ends in full incorporation into China as a third-tier city.

Each door is guarded by an identical-looking CY Leung. However, they are subtly different. One CY always lies, while the bizarro-world version of CY always tells the truth. You may ask only one question of the guards. What do you say?

4) You are venerating your ancestors by burning incense. You have two coils of incense which burn for exactly one hour, although they don’t burn evenly. 

However, you need to leave in 45 minutes to catch the bus home. How do you burn the coils to last exactly 45 minutes? 

5) A father takes his young son to Legco, and asks an official if his son can visit the Chief Executive’s office. The boy is shown to the office, and the Chief Executive greets the boy and shows him around the building. As the boy leaves the Chief Executive turns to a secretary and says “That was my son.” How is this possible?

5. HK Tongue Twisters

Can you manage these tricky phrases? Say them 10 times fast—and no cheating!


6. SAR Cryptic Crossword

So you think you know Hong Kong? Prove it by completing HK Magazine’s cryptic crossword!


6. Protest movement: we’ll break you, CCP (6)

7. Confounded animal nerds find no favor down in Hong Kong (11)

9. New disease that’s contained by immersion (4)

10. SAR’s Rapunzel in Legco seat (4, 4)

11. Chief Executive, we hear, has power of sight: for what reason? (2)


1. Expelling the French from a broken down college of lawmakers (5)

2. Corruption agency’s air conditioning briefly follows dawning comprehension, say (4)

3. Partying gweilos lose initial ennui in making messed-up sextape (6)

4. It’s half chaos for a democratic lawmaker (3, 3)

5. It’s Monday-Sunday MacBooks for Jimmy’s little rag (5, 5)

8. After email reply, this follows function: But CY’s mighty package fails to impress (6)

The Answers
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