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Last Week in Reality

Last week's news in bite-sized chunks. Illustrations by Ryan Chan

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 25 June, 2015, 2:30pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:44pm

Sat 13

Pilgrim’s Protest A group including members of the Justice and Peace Commission of the Hong Kong Catholic Diocese marches from Causeway Bay to Admiralty, singing hymns, holding yellow umbrellas and carrying a large sash-draped cross to represent Jesus and the Stations of the Cross. Cardinal Joseph Zen says that the Stations of the Cross parade is an expression of hope that everyone can live a life with freedom, democracy and the rule of law. A pro-establishment dissenter shouts at them from the sidewalk, calling them “trash” and “running dogs.”

Sun 14

Swim Card An underground water mains pipe in Sha Tin bursts at around 2pm, flooding a cycling path. A cyclist on her way home from work drops her mobile phone into the water. She gets her husband, who searches for the handset. After 45 minutes of wading knee-deep in muddy water, he gives up. The woman says the phone was a gift from her husband and that it contained her company’s SIM card, so she had to find it.

Mon 15

Dim Sum Hustle Two diners argue over who will pay for the bill at a late night dim sum restaurant in Ngau Tau Kok. The cashier tells them that it doesn’t matter who pays. Offended by this statement, one of the men slaps the cashier and then pays for the bill. She runs to the bathroom to hide, but the man chases her and slaps her three more times. The diner and their friends, who claim to be triads, flip over a dim sum cart before leaving. Police are called to investigate but as of press time they have not found the perpetrators.

Tue 16

Brolly Folly A bank account manager goes on trial for grievous bodily harm. The plaintiff claims that when alighting from his East Rail Line train, the manager hit his leg with his umbrella, so the plaintiff kicked him in response. He alleges that the men stared each other down before the manager poked him in the eye with his umbrella, causing it to bleed for seven hours. The defendant claims that the someone grabbed his arm and so he turned, accidentally poking the plaintiff. The trial continues.

Wed 17

Smashed Patron At around 1am, a cha chaan teng proprietor in Wan Chai heads to the streetside tables to remind his diners that he is closing up shop. He discovers his customers, who are from the mainland, are throwing beer bottles around. He tells them to stop but one of the men stands up and breaks another bottle. People at a neighboring table tell them not to fight, but the man smashes a chair and a plate, chasing one of the diners with a shard of crockery and cutting another man on the neck while shouting that he has a lot of money. He is arrested.

Thu 18

Sexy Snooker During the Legco debate on the reform package, Legco member Wong Ting-kwong pulls out his phone to watch a video in which a blonde lady in a short dress lies on a snooker table while a man performs trick shots around her. Wong defends himself, saying that the video contained no nudity and was not sexual; even his wife has no complaint.

Fri 19

Slippery Container At around 11am a mobile container handler at Yuen Fat Wharf overbalances, crushing three containers under it as one falls into the sea. A crane ship is sent to pull out the container, but drops it again when it is halfway out of the water. The handler operator escapes unharmed. Police suspect that the container handler was improperly balanced.