HK Magazine Archive

Last Week in Reality

Illustrations by Ryan Chan

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 01 July, 2015, 4:06pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:44pm

Sat 20

Sino-Japanese Tensions At around 7pm, a Japanese tourist cuts in front of a mainland tourist and his wife in the Times Square taxi queue. The mainlander yells at the Japanese man, who pushes him, and they begin trading blows. The mainlander’s wife sits on the hood of the taxi, so that when the Japanese man gets in, the car cannot move. The Japanese man gets back out and jumps on the mainlander, pushing him to the ground and throwing punches. Police take both men to the police station, and the Japanese man is treated for neck and hand injuries.

Sun 21

Scooty-Doo At around 10am an Apple Daily reader takes a video of a middle-aged man riding a self-balancing electric unicycle in the middle of a busy Yau Ma Tei road. The man, who is not wearing a helmet, pulls out his phone while riding and changes lanes multiple times without signaling. Barrister Albert Luk Wai-hung comments that these types of vehicles count as motorcycles, and that the rider needs to apply for a license; if caught without a license or insurance, the rider can be fined up to $10,000 and imprisoned for up to 12 months.

Mon 22

Faring Ill At around midnight, a 54-year-old man gets on the 307 bus to Tai Po at Gloucester Road and tries to pay for the $21.20 fare with his Octopus card, but his balance is negative. He stays on the bus, but the bus driver insists that he pay. The man argues with the driver and then punches him in the face. The driver calls the police and the attacker is arrested. Both men are sent to the hospital for their injuries—the assailant had hurt his hand while punching the driver.

Tue 23

Lingerie Larceny At 2am in the morning, a 44-year-old Kwun Tong man is caught stealing lingerie from his neighbors. The residents had installed two network-connected cameras in their home, as lingerie had been stolen four months ago. The camera alerts one of the residents by phone when the man enters their home. Police find the man shirtless and carrying a plastic bag containing a black spaghetti-strap dress, two panties and two bras. He is arrested. The flat shows no signs of forced entry and police suspect he had a key.

Wed 24

Ward Break An 18-year-old man flees police custody by escaping from his bed in Queen Elizabeth Hospital. After appearing in court for drug trafficking, the man said that he felt unwell and was taken to the hospital. After waiting for six hours to see a doctor, the man says he is cold and asks for a blanket. Under the cover of the blanket he escapes from his handcuffs, before jumping 4 meters from a wall into a car park. He is arrested again in Chai Wan 10 hours later.

Thu 25

Any Truck in a Storm During a heavy rainstorm at 10:30am, the driver of a four-door pickup swerves to avoid another car and his car flips onto its side near the Lion Rock Tunnel, blocking the hard shoulder and one lane of the highway. The driver and his passenger are not injured, but due to the rain they huddle inside the flipped-over truck bed for shelter. Police arrive to investigate and close an additional lane, causing serious traffic congestion.

Fri 26

Spray That Again At around 1am, a well-dressed couple argues in front of a Tin Shui Wai Circle K. As they quarrel, the man’s spittle hits two men who are walking by. Offended, they drag him into the Circle K and beat him up, knocking over a product stand. The woman calls the police and the two aggressors flee, leaving behind one black flip flop. The man is sent to the hospital for arm, neck and eye injuries.