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The Best Restaurants in Sai Kung

Kick off those concrete shackles and head out to Hong Kong’s backyard—Sai Kung’s charming eateries should sate all your New Territories nomming needs.

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 15 July, 2015, 2:08pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:45pm

You’re the One

For fantastic views and low-key village vibes, head to Hebe One O One, about a 10-minute drive from Sai Kung town center. The waterfront building has several open-air floors, including a friendly bar downstairs and a more formal dining room on the rooftop where you can dig into the seared scallop appetizer, bacon-wrapped chicken and a broad selection of drinks including Japanese craft beer and Pimm’s. And if that’s not enough for you then the seaside breeze and seagulls flying over the yachts in the harbor should seal the deal.
112 Pak Sha Wan, Sai Kung, 2335-5515.


Down on the Ranch

It’s hard to miss Anthony’s Ranch, thanks to the huge plastic ox-head standing guard over the door. The restaurant has an American wild west-style interior and serves great starters to match—go for the crispy buffalo chicken wings with chili sauce. As you’d expect, the burgers are great here, as are the smoked ribs. Slathered in red barbeque sauce, the juicy, tender ribs are well-seasoned and taste about as close to authentic Texas smokehouse as you’re going to get in Hong Kong. Do the American thing and pair it all with a tall, frosty milkshake.
28 Yi Chun St., Sai Kung, 2791-6113.


Oh Hey, AJ

Think Sri Lankan food is basically just southern Indian? Think again: AJ’s Sri Lankan Cuisine is out to set you straight, serving up Sri Lanka specialties like black lamb curry—an aromatic, spicy and all-around awesome dish. Curry may be the country’s pride and joy, but another highlight is the Sri Lankan banana leaf rice, aka lamprais. The fresh dish has a lovely fragrance that emerges as you unwrap the banana leaf—inside you’ll find big chunks of chicken and fish, or you can ask for a vegetarian version.
12-14 Sai Kung Hoi Pong St., Sai Kung, 2792-2555.


Lai to Me

Attention all hiking enthusiasts—and those willing to hike for the promise of good food. Look out for this hidden gem nestled on the road to Sham Chung, about 15 minutes past Yung Shue O Village. The dai pai dong-style Lai Kee Store boasts a unique, self-built wood stove, on which staff cook most of the dishes. The highlights here are home-style Hong Kong favorites, like pork bone congee with dried vegetables, which is not too salty and well balanced with a slight smoky taste. Craving seafood? An oyster omelet here is totally worth the hike.
Ngau Yue Tau, 70 Yung Shue O Village, Sai Kung, 9377-7211.


Mi Casa Es Tu Casa

The four founders of modern tapas bar Casa all hail from different countries, each bringing some far-flung flavor to the table. You can see the diversity in the varied menu, with creative tapas covering the likes of Spanish tortillas, Japanese okonomiyaki and buffalo-coated cauliflower with blue cheese sauce. And when the sun goes down? Casa transforms into a vibrant bar with wines, champagnes and craft beers aplenty.
Shop 1, Sui Yat Building, 1 Sai Kung Hoi Pong Square, Sai Kung 5594-0007.

Use Your Loaf

A few minutes’ walk from the far end of the Sai Kung seafront, Loaf On is easy to miss—there are no flashy fish tanks or neon lights, but rather minimal white walls and an unassuming entranceway. The subtly decorated Michelin-starred seafood restaurant tempts your appetite with fresh catches of the day: your dinner is literally a phone call away, delivered fresh from Sai Kung fishing boats as soon as you place your order. Forget trawling through the menu: The staff have been educated about more than 20 fish species and will point towards their favorite dishes—like the deep-fried abalone, squid and mantis shrimp, flower crab and their signature deep-fried tofu.
49 Market St., Sai Kung, 2792-9966.