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Talking Points: Donnie Yen the Jedi, SAR Student Cyber Sex, Taxi Woes

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PUBLISHED : Thursday, 16 July, 2015, 11:01am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:46pm

Donnie Yen to be Jedi?
Rumors are flying that martial arts star Donnie Yen has been cast as a jedi in an upcoming “Star Wars” movie. There has been no confirmation from either Rian Johnson or Gareth Edwards, who are directing “Star Wars: Episode VIII” and spinoff film “Rogue One,” respectively. Apple Daily reported that out of an impressive list of candidates that included Tony Leung, Daniel Wu, Wang Leehom, Jet Li, Chang Chen and Stephen Chow, Donnie Yen was chosen for his fluency in English, strong martial arts abilities… and lower fee. Yen is rumored to be flying to London early next month to begin shooting.

Our take: Ip Man with a light saber? Awesome.

SAR Students Sex It Up (Online)
A Facebook group called “Elite School Sex Secrets” has become popular with secondary school students, with subsidiary groups created for Hong Kong’s respective elite establishments. The parent group, which was created in June, has accrued more than 13,000 “likes” to date and enables the high-achieving students to discuss sex, share photos, disclose sexual encounters and even find hookups by messaging a Whatsapp number or filling out an anonymous form. Outside of secondary school circles, groups like “CUHK Sex Secrets” and “Legco Sex Secrets” are on the rise. Hong Kong Subsidized Secondary Schools Council chairman James Lam Yat-fung says that these groups are just the tip of the iceberg, and that schools and parents need to cooperate to educate students about sex.

Our take: Well, if you won’t teach them, they’ll have to learn for themselves…

Bad Week for Taxis
More than 100 green and red taxis conducted a police-sanctioned slow-drive demonstration last week, driving from Sai Wan Ho and Kowloon Bay to the Central Government Offices to protest taxi apps and ride-sharing services such as Uber. Drivers complained that some apps offered an unlicensed 15 percent discount to its users. Meanwhile, green taxis in Lok Ma Chau are clogging single-lane roads to queue up for parallel traders arriving across the border, charging fares at unmetered rates. The congestion has turned a 10-minute drive into an hour-long journey, blocking all other forms of transport.

Our take: If taxi drivers weren’t such crooks in the first place, we wouldn’t be using taxi apps.