HK Magazine Archive

Last Week in Reality

Illustrations by Ryan Chan

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 30 July, 2015, 10:52am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:46pm

Sat 18

Phone Manners An Oriental Daily reader sends the paper photos of a Cathay Pacific flight attendant using his smartphone during takeoff and landing. The reader says that on her flight from Hong Kong to Bangkok, flight attendants had broadcast a reminder to switch off mobile phones, but several minutes later she noticed that an attendant was using his phone while pretending to be asleep. Cathay Pacific says that they have followed up with the incident.

Sun 19

Pole Dancer At around 7pm, a Nepalese man climbs to the top of a traffic light in Jordan. He sits on top of it, yelling at passersby. Police and firemen arrive at the scene and attempt to calm him down but he only gets more emotional, demanding a phone call. A friend of his wife’s arrives on the scene and lends her phone to the man, which is sent up via a fire truck’s ladder. The man talks to his wife, and after a few minutes of talking he happily flashes the V sign to onlookers and calmly climbs down. Once he is on the ground he gets emotional again, and it takes six police officers and two paramedics to restrain him. He is sent to the hospital.

Mon 20

99 Problems A 29-year-old man quarrels with his 27-year-old wife. While the husband is out, the woman leaves with $800,000 in cash and $60,000 worth of jewelry. She hires a locksmith to jam the lock of their Tsz Wan Shan government housing flat. Upon returning home and discovering the broken lock the man calls the police, who investigate the issue and determine that the culprit is his wife.

Tue 21

Monkey Business A couple driving a van through Piper’s Hill at 1am veers off the road in the rain, ploughing through railings and into the trees before flipping onto its side. Firefighters are called to free the pair and the driver is sent to the hospital with neck and arm injuries. The couple was sober and says that they swerved to dodge a pair of monkeys who were crossing the road.

Wed 22

Electric Tragedy At around 3pm, a construction worker is electrocuted at a Wan Chai water pump construction site after touching an electric cable. Seeing that the man is unconscious, another worker tries to rescue him but is also electrocuted, paralyzing his hand. They are both sent to the hospital, but the first man cannot be saved.

Thu 23

Mainland Sandwich At 9am, a bus drops off a group of mainland tourists on a Hung Hom road. One female tourist from another tour group happens to be walking along the outside of the railings by the road. The bus driver does not see her, and when he turns away from the curb and into the road the rear corner of the bus traps the woman between the bus and the railing. Passersby help bend the railings so that the woman can climb out, and she is sent to the hospital with a fractured pelvis, as well as foot and torso injuries.

Fri 24

Costume Change In Fanling at around midnight, a young man robs a 7-Eleven with a knife, leaving with $1,200. CCTV footage reveals that the man was wearing a black shirt with a face mask and carrying a green bag. Four hours later and 70 meters away, a man wearing a face mask and carrying a green bag robs another 7-Eleven with a knife. The cashier says that he cannot open the store safe, as he does not have the key. Police check CCTV footage of the second 7-Eleven and suspect that both robbers are the same man who simply changed shirts between robberies.