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Last Week in Reality

The week in weird. Illustrations by Ryan Chan

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 05 August, 2015, 5:50pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:47pm
Sat 25 

Cabbie Rage More than 30 taxi drivers park a taxi outside the Transport Department in Wan Chai and use sledgehammers to smash the vehicle, in protest against car booking apps such as Uber. One driver hurts his finger and is sent to the hospital.
Sun 26

Felicitous Feline Five days after being stolen from the Sam Kee Book Co. in North Point, blind celebrity cat “Fook Zai” is handed in to SPCA headquarters in Wan Chai. The cat appears to be in good condition, aside from a few scratches on his nose. A staff member of the bookstore says that the thief has a heart after all. 

Mon 27

Cutting Remarks Four western tourists drinking in a bar on Yiu Wa Street in Causeway Bay refuse to leave at closing time, 3am. After staying for two more hours, they start to argue with the staff, refusing to pay their bill. A shirtless tattooed staff member threatens one of the drinkers with a knife, chasing him around a car parked outside the bar. Police arrive and subdue the assailant. The westerner suffers a cut to his ear. 

Tue 28

Jilted Lover A clerical assistant in the Social Welfare Department is found guilty of illegally accessing information. She had met a man online, and they dated for two years before breaking up. A month after the split, her ex brought his new, pregnant girlfriend to seek her advice with child support. The woman logged into the SWD’s intranet and illegally looked up their information, harassing them with letters and calls. The couple complained to the SWD and the woman was arrested and charged.

Wed 29

Sewage Spewage The High Court orders the MTR Corporation to pay a couple around $430,000 to cover the costs of flat renovation, relocation and medical bills. The couple had sued the MTR for an incident in January in which their flat, which was on top of Choi Hung MTR station, overflowed with sewage from the toilet and bathtub. The MTR, which owns the building, delayed sending cleaning crew, repair workers and equipment. The flat was flooded with sewage for five hours and had to be remodelled to clean out the smell, while one of the couple was hospitalized for three days. 
Thu 30

Justice Done A 65-year-old man does a celebratory handstand outside Sha Tin Court after charges of illegal hawking are dropped and his repair tools returned to him. The man was arrested on June 28 for receiving compensation for his services as a bike repairman: Two FEHD officers had watched him install handlebars and waited until he was handed $10 to cover the cost of parts before taking him away. He says he plans to continue repairing bikes for his neighbors.

Fri 31

Bad Banners More than 40 demonstrators hold a protest at HKU, carrying signs and banners and chanting for HKU’s vice-chancellor Peter Mathieson to step down from his position and students to concentrate on their studies. The slogans on the banners have multiple lexical errors, including an incorrect spelling of Mathieson’s name in Chinese. When asked about the errors, the protest’s organizer said that he did everything by hand.