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The Next Big Thing: Courses to make you the next Li Ka-Shing

You came to Hong Kong with nothing and you want to become the richest man in Asia? No problem. Follow these simple steps and you’ll go from pauper to property tycoon.

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 20 August, 2015, 4:00pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:48pm

1) Launch your property empire.

We all have to start somewhere. You’ll want to know how to flip a property, to turn that poky little flat into a suite of palatial apartments. Insight School offers everything from a variety of vocational short courses to an intensive year-long professional diploma. The “Small Spaces Design” course ($2,500) should come in handy when it comes to optimizing all those tiny homes.
24/F, Federal Centre, 77 Sheung On St., Chai Wan, 2114-2021,

2) Go big or go home.

You’ve got the apartments sorted out: Now it’s time to think big. The only way you’re going to get the property you need it to pull a whole new development out of thin air. For that you’ll need to take the one-year certificate course in landscape design at HKU Space ($21,500, Saturdays only), so you know how exactly to fill in the harbor for your new development. Call it something Frenchish, that always seems to work. How about “Le Grand Chine?
494 King’s Rd., North Point,

3) Manage expectations.

You’ll need some help to become a financial force of nature. The Hong Kong Management Association offers various courses and workshops on all aspects of business management, including finance and accounting, as well as “Finance for Non-Financial Managers.” Perhaps “Credit Management and Debt Collection” will keep when it comes to hauling in all that cash you were promised.
Courses held in various locations, including 14/F, Fairmont House, 8 Cotton Tree Drive, 2774-8500,

4) Diversify.

Of course, the property bubble might burst and leave you out of pocket. You’re going to want to diversify those revenue streams with a startup or two. Feeling confident with your new, scalable idea? Take it to a Nest pitch day. The startup incubator holds “Dragon’s Den”-style pitch days every three months, with up to US$200,000 of investment and full support from the team. If your pitch is just “I build even more properties,” then maybe save it for your bank manager.

5) Get that force field up.

Li Ka-shing famously has “Li’s Force Field,” which stops typhoons from hitting the city during banking hours. You’ll need to work on similar powers if you ever want to be taken seriously as a tycoon. Learn your way around barriers with a game of bubble soccer, in which 10 people don large inflatable bubble suits and run around bouncing off each other. Bring it on, Hong Kong Observatory.
6/F, Grande Building, 398-402 Kwun Tong Rd., Kwun Tong, 9666-0869,

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