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The Next Big Thing: Courses to make you the next Wong Kar-wai

You grew up finding the romance in an ever-changing world. You’re obsessed with sensuality and the capturing of a brief moment of love in turbulent times. Yes, it’s looking like you could be the next Wong Kar-wai.

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 20 August, 2015, 4:00pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:48pm

1) Learn your craft.

You’ve got the perfect idea for your movie. “Ashes of Umbrellas” will tell a vivid, sensual tale of a policeman and a protester who fall in love at the height of Occupy. But how are you going to make it? Take a course at the International Academy of Film and Television to learn everything you need to know, from screenwriting to editing to digital film production. Start with the Independent Filmmaking Program ($40,000), a two-part introduction to making your dream indie flick—or go straight for the full 900-hour Diploma in Filmmaking ($128,700). Scholarships are also available. If that’s all sounding like too much of a commitment, there’s also a half-day Phoneography tour and workshop ($1,535) if you want to shoot the whole thing on your iPhone.
1/F, Trust Tower, 68 Johnston Rd., Wan Chai, 5808-3440,

2) Find your soundtrack.

You’ve got your visuals: Now your need your sounds. Sol Passion Music’s DJ and music production courses will give you the skills you need to lay down the perfect manic-pixie-dream-girl track as your star cavorts around the Occupy site. One-on-one sessions with producers, DJs and musicians alike will get you set up in no time. Try their DJ intro course ($1,200) and hone whatever genre you wish.
11/F, EIB Tower, 4-6 Morrison Hill Rd., Wan Chai,

Photo: Sam Tsang/SCMP

3) Get the colors right.

If you want to be a masterful cinematographer you’ll have to learn your color combos. What better way than with a flower arranging course? Get your Ikebana on and learn from the best: Theresa Lam is passionate about passing on her knowledge of floral art at the Hong Kong Academy of Flower Arrangement. Classes range from basic introductions to the art, to full-blown official internationally recognized diplomas.
15/F, 164-166 Hennessy Rd., Wan Chai, 2882-1832,

4) Learn your stills.

One must truly know the still image to understand the moving one. Get a three-hour crash-course in all things visual with “Photography 101,” courtesy of photographer Kenneth Lim of the Hong Kong Photography Workshop. Classes are $800 (10 percent off with a friend).

5) Head to wardrobe.

Unless you want to head to Pottinger Street and buy a “sexy policeman” outfit for your leading man, you’re going to need to run up some costumes for your cast. Go for dressmaking classes at ITS Tutorial, where fashion designer Fa Harrington of Fashion Project Hong Kong will take you through everything from pattern cutting and garment finishing, to the construction of jackets, skirts, plus moulage and draping. Prices and times vary, from $1,970.
3/F, Sun House, 181 Des Voeux Rd. Central (entrance on Wing Wo St.), 2116-3916,

6) Future-proof your films.

The future of film isn’t 3D: It’s smellovision! Make sure that the generations to come will still find your films visionary by incorporating smells into your movies. Get your palate aligned right with a scent workshop led by John Paulo Hui at Artisenses. As the film reaches its soaring crescendo, a burst of tear gas and pepper spray straight to the nostrils of every punter will leave them with an experience they’ll never forget. That Oscar is as good as yours.

Who else do you want to be?

Li Ka-shing!
CY Leung!
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