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Last Week In Reality

The week in weird.

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 19 August, 2015, 6:02pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:48pm

Sat 8 
Lamppost Lover Marital troubles cause a 39-year-old Nepalese man to get drunk in his 10th floor flat and throw objects from the window, before climbing down pipes outside the building to the first floor platform. He uses a knife to cut himself before climbing a lamppost on Shanghai Street. He falls from the lamppost and runs away, evading police before he is caught in a restaurant on Saigon Street. This is the third time he has climbed a lamppost in Yau Ma Tei. 

Sun 9 
Busted Undies Customs officers at Lo Wu stop a man who is returning to Hong Kong from the mainland. They search him and discover that he is carrying one kilogram of drugs, including methamphetamine and cannabis, in his bag and his underwear. He and two other men are arrested.

Mon 10 
Grand Theft Mini At around 5am an Australian tourist is arrested after allegedly hijacking in minibus on Lockhart Road, driving it through Causeway Bay and along Stubbs Road before abandoning the vehicle. He is found nearby. In court, a magistrate sets bail at $5,000, but the man is unable to pay because he lost his wallet during the joyride. The case has been adjourned. 

Tue 11 
Promo Opportunity Soprano star Li Yuanrong is cheated out of $20 million by a telephone scam. During a press conference explaining the incident her son Ray Wong, a noted Erhu performer, takes out his latest CD and promotes his record to reporters. 

Wed 12 
Swimming Poo The Leisure and Cultural Services Department closes the Victoria Park Swimming Pool after a small amount of fecal matter is found in the water. It is temporarily closed for cleaning and reopens the next day. The LCSD appeals to bathers to be considerate, not swim after a full meal, and to leave the swimming pool to answer calls of nature. 

Thu 13 
Drag Chase At midnight, two South Asian men mug a 60-year-old man in Yau Ma Tei, hitting him on the head and stealing $20,000 in cash and his Rolex watch. Several pedestrians give chase, including a cross-dressing man wearing black stockings. They catch one thief, but the other escapes. The victim and the cross-dresser are sent to hospital for injuries incurred. 


Fri 14 
Mom Scam A post on Facebook goes viral after a telephone scammer calls a mother, pretending to be her daughter. The “daughter” says she is being kidnapped, and requests $800,000 in ransom. The mother calls her two daughters on another phone to make sure they are safe, before telling the scammer: “I have 10 daughters, so I don’t know which one you’ve picked up.” Authorities have warned the public to be careful, as phone scams are on the rise.