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Last Week In Reality

The week in weird.

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 25 August, 2015, 11:24am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:48pm

Sat 15 
Active Jury During the murder trial of a man who is alleged to have killed his nightclub hostess mistress, the jury repeatedly hands notes to the judge, challenging the defendant on his claims. When reviewing evidence of the defendant’s old texts received on a Nokia mobile phone, the jury queried the defendant’s claim that the “3G” icon would appear without a SIM card, prompting police to buy a phone of the same model and test it out in court. The man is found guilty.

Sun 16 
Wheely Silly A video of a police motorcyclist chasing a bicyclist in Tai Po goes viral. The police officer follows the cyclist, who cycles slowly and repeatedly changes directions, crosses a busy intersection and cycles against the direction of traffic. The policeman is unable to apprehend the cyclist. 

Mon 17 
Selfie Rage A man is walking along Austin Road in Tsim Sha Tsui in the early morning when he is suddenly stopped by three other men. One takes out a selfie stick and strikes the man with it, drawing blood. By the time the police arrive the assailants have fled, leaving behind the broken selfie stick.

Tue 18 
Paint Gun A man wearing a yellow raincoat and carrying a water gun filled with red paint sprays paint all over the door of celebrity hangout Wo Lee Canteen. This is the third time such an attack has taken place. The owner of the restaurant suspects the same assailant was involved in each incident, saying that he recognizes the rain coat. 

Wed 19

Snaaaaaake! At around 1pm, a passerby spots a three-meter-long Burmese python snake on Kowloon Peak, near the back door of a grocery store. Police call in a snake wrangler, who uses his bare hands to pull the snake out of the undergrowth and capture it. 

Thu 20

House Party Police raid a flat in Sai Wan Ho which they believe was used to store and distribute drugs. In the flat they find 250 grams of ice worth $110,000, and a hand-drawn poster inviting teenagers to a drug party at the flat. They arrest four men and two women, one of whom is pregnant.

Fri 21

Costly Meal A girl goes for dinner with her male friend and the bill comes to $122. The man is short on coins, so he asks to borrow $2 from his companion. The girl lends him a $5 coin. When he has not paid her back by the next day, she posts on Facebook wondering if she needs to ask to get the $5 back, saying he is stingy. She posts again, tagging the man and saying she is unveiling the real him. The post goes viral online.