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Last Week in Reality

News in bite-sized chunks. Illustrations by Ryan Chan.

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 07 October, 2015, 12:00pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:51pm

Sat 26

It’s a Fowl Cop
A 54-year-old man is arrested for stealing a traditional Chinese chicken bowl from the Tai O Cultural Workshop museum. The man visits the exhibition at 2pm and takes the chicken bowl from a table before leaving. The owner of the workshop chases after the man, who reluctantly returns the bowl, claiming that it is almost worthless. It is worth over $500. The thief is arrested after an attempted escape and police discover that he is an off-duty police officer.

Sun 27

Caught Out
An 86-year-old man suffering from terminal illness attempts suicide by jumping from the window of his Ma Tau Kok apartment. However, the belt loops of his trousers catch on the window frame as he jumps, and he is left hanging in the air outside. Neighbors call the police and fire brigade, who arrive to rescue him. The man struggles when being rescued, and is sent to the hospital for observation.

Mon 28

Rubbish Motives
A 51-year-old cleaner arrives at a temporary refuse collection point in Lai Chi Kok to find that the lock on the front door and five large garbage bins have gone missing. She reports the incident to the police, who search the area and find the bins outside Kau Wah Keng, just 100m from the collection point. The lock is still missing. Police suspect that the thief was unable to move bins and so abandoned them. The cleaner tells reporters that she is baffled by the incident and questions the motive for such an act.

Tue 29

Trouser Tusk
Customs officers search a man flying from Nigeria to Hong Kong, finding 15kg of ivory in his check-in luggage, hidden in a specially designed set of underwear. They find another 1kg in his carry-on luggage. This is the sixth case of ivory smuggling customs has detected in two months.

Wed 30

Having a Hard Time
A man visits a prostitute, paying $500 for half an hour. When his time is up he has still not finished, and so he pays another $500 for a further 30 minutes. Unable to perform, he asks to have sex without protection. When the prostitute refuses, he puts her into a headlock, pushes her to the ground, then says he is just playing. The woman runs out of the room to seek help, but the man takes his $1,000 and flees.

Thu 1

False Flag
On National Day, a Chinese flag is found hung upside down at a primary school in Sha Tin. On the same day, a SAR flag is also found hung upside down in front of the China Travel Services building. Representatives from CTS say that the incident has never happened before, and that the recent purchase of a new flag may be the reason for the reversal.

Fri 2

Drug Daddy Acting
on a tip-off, police halt a seven-seater car on Shek Wai Kok Estate in Tsuen Wan. When the driver gets out of the car, he passes a package to his 81-year-old father. The package is found to contain 10.5kg of ketamine, worth $1.53 million.