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Last Week in Reality

News in bite-sized chunks. Illustrations by Ryan Chan.

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 14 October, 2015, 11:04am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:51pm

Sat 3
Explane This A 51-year-old aircraft cabin cleaner is leaving the airport at the end of his shift when he is stopped by police. They search him and find three bottles of wine and 17 servings of ice-cream, worth around $3,700, which they suspect he had stolen from an aircraft cabin. Police later search his flat in Sham Shui Po and discover three bottles of VSOP brandy, worth around $1,200. He is arrested.

Sat 4

Wedding Balls
A professional magician appears in court charged with indecent assault of a minor. A month ago in Tai Po he allegedly bundled a 15-year-old girl into a disabled toilet stall and took out his penis, attempting to masturbate in front of her. The girl screamed for help and escaped, and the girl’s mother called the police. In court, the man says that it is his wedding day, and he applies for bail to be able to attend the ceremony. The magistrate rejects his request and detains him pending trial.

Mon 5

Wigging Out
A man tries to pick up a girl in Lan Kwai Fong at 5am. She is not interested, but he is persistent. He follows her to Wyndham Street, where the girl’s boyfriend warns him off. The man punches and kicks the boyfriend, before pulling out a five-inch knife and threatening the couple. Police arrest him and both men are sent to the hospital. A wig and an empty bottle are left at the scene.

Tue 6

Pole Prancers
Just before dawn, three students from HKUST sneak into

a construction site near the university and attempt to steal several lengths of bamboo. A security guard hears them and chases them for 100 meters before catching the thieves. They are arrested. The students claim that they needed the bamboo for a banner they were making as a school project.

Wed 7

An unexploded bomb dating back to World War II is found in a construction site near Queen Mary Hospital. The Explosive Ordnance Disposal Bureau examines the half-meter long device and concludes that it is still armed, and must be detonated in a controlled explosion. Over 500 people from nearby residences, Hospital Authority buildings, nursing schools and dormitories are evacuated. An initial detonation is unsuccessful, and authorities must explode the bomb a second time before the area is declared safe.

Thur 8

Date Drama
A 24-year-old model is convicted of stealing an iPhone during her first date with a chef last December. While on the date the model asked the chef, who claimed to be a restaurateur, to buy her $200,000 worth of gifts from Chanel. When he refused, she asked to borrow his iPhone to call her brother, but then left with the phone. The model acted for herself in court, claiming that accepting expensive gifts is widely accepted in the modelling industry. She says that she took the phone because she required compensation for wasting a whole day with him, and that if she had known he was just a chef she never would have gone on the date.

Fri 9

Manners Lesson
A 58-year-old man having breakfast in a Kwun Tong cha chaan teng uses his own spoon to scoop sugar into his milk tea. After stirring the sugar into the drink he licks it clean before going back for more sugar. A man sitting opposite him scolds him, saying that he has no class. The 58-year-old becomes upset and invites him outside to fight. The two men get into a violent altercation, which leaves the 58-year-old unconscious. He is taken to hospital. The second man escapes, but police arrest a suspect that evening.