UFOs and Extraterrestrial Life

Hong Kong Bass Star: 'I Want to See UFOs Again'

Musician, artist and graphic designer Prodip Leung is the bassist in seminal hip hop group LMF. Aside from his art and music, Prodip is also passionate about UFOs. He tells HK Magazine about witnessing supernatural and extraterrestrial phenomena—and which he would rather see again.

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 28 October, 2015, 4:00pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 21 December, 2017, 12:35pm

I am an only child.

I was really into design, and I studied at the First Institute of Art and Design.

I helped out in my father’s company for a while after graduation, and later I went for an interview at a design firm.

I didn’t have any experience, so they asked me to start as the office boy.

I delivered drafts and helped the designers in the art room, drawing frames around their designs.

It was all done by hand. We spent half an hour drawing the frames.

The movements were all so poetic.

But now it’s digitized and everything is done in 30 seconds.

Nowadays designers might not even know how to draw. I’m glad that I had the experience, as it trained my hands.

My hands are incredibly important to me. I use them to draw, make stuff and play guitar.

Later I became a fashion artist. There were so many companies that closed in 1997—I lost my job that year as well.

LMF was formed in the same year.

Since then I haven’t had a full time job. I’ve taken freelance jobs in art, design and shooting movies… and l did a study of extraterrestrials and UFOs.

I published the “Hong Kong UFO Documentary” book and DVD, and I had a UFO column in East Touch Magazine for a few years.

Yes, I’ve seen UFOs twice in my life.

I used to live on Jordan Road with my family. One Mid-Autumn Festival, when I was 10, we were playing with lanterns and eating mooncakes in the open space at Ferry Point.

I saw a two or three story-high white circle flying in the sky. I thought the moon was falling down!

It appeared for 40 seconds and then suddenly disappeared. It just vanished!

There were more than 100 people at the pier. It was so noisy and suddenly we were all silent.

I rushed home to tell my dad. He didn’t believe me until he saw the newspaper the next day.

The second time I saw a UFO was with my wife. We saw a fleet of UFOs flying from Tai Mo Shan in Tsuen Wan.

By “fleet” I mean remote machines with no one inside: They just came to collect data.

If you know about the Big Bang, you will know the Earth was formed much later than many other planets.

It is possible that there are extraterrestrials on some planets in the universe who settled down earlier and are far more civilized than us. So UFOs are just one of their high-technology products.

Just like if you were to give an iPod to Amazon tribes, they won’t know what it is.

There are plenty of reasons UFOs could come here. They could be curious about our plants, rocks or dogs.

Or maybe just for fun.

Extraterrestrials fly UFOs to our planet. It’s just like when we travel to Hokkaido.

While other planets have advanced technology, humans are still stupid. We are still fighting each other for resources.

I believe in ghosts and I think I’ve seen them twice in my life.

Stephen Hawking suggests there are many dimensions in the world. I guess ghosts are just spirits who live in another dimension.

Everyone gives off different auras. Some people find it easier to see mysterious things since they’ve got similar auras.

But ghosts with long hair and white dresses really freak me out.

I want to see UFOs again—but I never want to see another ghost for the rest of my life.

I used to share these experiences with friends, but they were like: Are you drunk or did you OD?

I’ve designed a few monster and alien figures for this Halloween. They’re going to be shown in Fashion Walk.

Besides being a designer, I am also the bassist in LMF.

At the time we formed, we were just a group of PK zai [jerks] who liked to gao gao zeng [mess with people].

We were really so lazy and rotten. Most of the time, we were just drinking and playing video games in the band room.

We never thought of being famous.

We disbanded for a few years and got back together in 2009 since it was our 10th anniversary—people still remembered us!

Before we were way too crazy. Now we are all 40-something, and we really enjoy playing music.

Check out Prodip’s work at Styloween at Fashion Walk, Gloucester Rd., Causeway Bay.