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The HK Magazine Emoji Dictionary

Facebook’s been trying to introduce a new “dislike” button. Of course, in Hong Kong we know emotions run deeper than that. But Whatsapp emojis are a little... limiting, aren’t they? So we decided to make some more and share them with you.

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 04 November, 2015, 4:00pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:52pm

Now You Try!

Want to use these special HK Magazine emojis? You can! Download the complete set from here.

Alternatively, we’ve uploaded all of our emojis to the Imoji app (free on Android and iOS), tagged “hkmagazine.” Download the app and search for the tag, and you’ll be able to use them as stickers in all your conversations. You’re welcome!

The Answers:

So, how good at emojis are you?

Starting Easy

1) “I’m feeling very ill.”

“You have my deepest sympathies.”

2) I have no money on my Octopus card, and so I cannot get the MTR.

“Take the tram and I’ll see you at Dusk Til Dawn.”

3) “Let’s go eat.”

“I can’t, I have a family dinner.”

4) “Where are you?”

“I’m in a taxi crossing the harbor, be there in 6 minutes. Grab an HK Magazine!”

“Ugh, fine.”

Getting Trickier

1) The MTR, as musicians queue to have their instruments allowed on.

Sweary Emoji Time

1) Ding lei gor fai (I poke your lung)

2) Zau gau (Running dog)

3) Sang gau char siu ho gor sang lei (it would have been better to give birth to a piece of char siu than to have given birth to you)

4) Pok gai (Fall down in the street)

5) Ham sup (salty-wet, lecherous)

6) This is the universal emoji representation of a penis.

Pretty Tricky

1) This is Wong Kar-wai’s “In the Mood for Love.” Two couples move into the same apartment building. The man (Tony Leung) and the woman (Maggie Cheung) find themselves living lonely lives, eating noodles alone. They spend more time together, sharing meals. They fall in love, but they do not consummate their relationship. The man leaves for Singapore, broken-hearted. Time passes and the pair do not meet again. In the final scene, the man visits Cambodia and whispers his secret love into an ancient temple.

2) This is “Enter the Dragon.” Bruce Lee is a martial artist who joins a white man and a black man as they travel by boat to a castle. There they engage in a fighting tournament, until Lee emerges victorious.

Really Difficult

CY Leung greets Longhair. Longhair insults CY, brandishing a yellow umbrella. CY gets mad. Longhair demands universal suffrage. CY blames foreign forces.