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Last Week in Reality

News in bite-sized chunks. Illustrations by Ryan Chan.

PUBLISHED : Friday, 06 November, 2015, 11:09am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:52pm

Sat 24 Border Patrol A 42-year-old man suspects his wife of having an affair with her 33-year-old male friend. The wife and her friend had gone to the mainland together, and so the husband awaits them at Huanggang Port in Shenzhen. At around 10pm, he sees his wife with the man, behaving in an intimate fashion. He pulls the woman’s hair and attacks the man, shouting: “You are having an affair with my wife!” He chases them from Huanggang Port through to Lok Ma Chau in Hong Kong. Immigration officers try to restrain him, but the husband keeps trying to kick the man and bite the immigration officer who is holding him back. Police arrest both the man and his wife; her friend is sent to hospital with an injured hand.

Sun 25 Hit-n-Run A BMW driver with a learner’s permit swerves northbound through Nathan Road at 1:45pm. He drives through a red light at a busy pedestrian crossing, running over and injuring the foot of a 21-year-old pedestrian. He briefly turns and stops with his emergency lights on, before driving off. Witnesses call the police with the license plate number, and the police locate the 47-year-old driver, who says the car had a mechanical issue and was unable to stop. Police are investigating the incident.

Mon 26 Cane Unable At around 1am, a 20-something man carrying a cane goes to a Yau Ma Tei congee shop. He puts down his cane, uses the toilet, and then heads to the kitchen where he picks up a 30cm-long cleaver. He slips it under his waistband and leaves. The staff, afraid to give chase, call the police. A policeman finds him one block over, but man drops the knife and tries to flee. He is caught and arrested for possession of an offensive weapon and failing to produce a document of identification.

Tue 27 Monkey Business At around 11am, about 50 monkeys enter the Tsz Wan Shan Estate Service Reservoir Playground. They rip down banners, climb over the buildings and excrete on the basketball courts. Nearby students are ushered away and school gates are closed. Police arrive, equipped with riot shields. AFCD staff entice the monkeys with apples, luring them out of the playground

Wed 28 Son Connery A man appears in court charged with money laundering and extortion. In July a 20-year-old man picked up a call on his home line and heard a voice crying for help, while another voice demanded a ransom of $230,000. Knowing it was a scam the man played along, responding with his best granny voice while contacting the police on another line. He told the scammers that the grandson of the fictional granny would drop off the money in Tai Po. When the scammer came to pick up the money, he was arrested. In court the accused, a mainlander, says he was helping his boss pick up the money and knew he might be breaking the law, but was looking for a quick buck.

Thur 29 Cash Con A man orders a $33 lunch in a Wan Chai cha chaan teng and pays with a $1,000 note. The cashier, who says that she normally does not accept $1000 notes, assumes he is a mainlander without smaller denominations and accepts the payment. She returns $900 with a $500 note at the bottom of the bill stack. While she counts the remaining $67 in change, the man replaces the $500 note with $50, and then complains that he did not receive the correct amount. The cashier recounts the change and puts in another $500. After the incident, the cashier sees on a security camera that the man was preparing the con at his seat before paying for the meal.

Fri 30 More Monkeys At 1pm, a monkey snatches a pre-packaged $10 bun from a Circle K shelf in Tsz Wan Shan Tsz Ching Estate and sits on a nearby ledge to open and eat it. A crowd of residents stops and watches the monkey, taking pictures with their phones. It leaves before the police arrive. Monkeys have been heading to the estate every day between 11am and 1pm due to residents feeding them, and they have developed the habit of stealing food from the area.