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Last Week in Reality

News in bite-sized chunks. Illustrations by Ryan Chan.

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 11 November, 2015, 12:50pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:53pm

Sat 31 Best Dad Ever At around 8am, a woman drops her iPhone 6S into a drain in front of a bus stop in Ma On Shan. She runs for help and 10 minutes later returns with her father. The father, who is still in his pajamas, removes the iron grate and lowers himself into the drain to retrieve the lost phone. After several attempts he is able to retrieve the phone by grasping it between his toes and returns it to his daughter.

Sun 1 Blackout Drunk Late at night, a 41-year-old man takes a taxi home after a night of drinking. Two hours later, he wakes up on the streets of North Point, with loose front teeth and blood all over his face. All of his belongings are gone, aside from a $100 bill in his pocket. He returns home to Sai Wan Ho and his son calls the police for him, suspecting that his father has been robbed but was too drunk to remember what happened. The man is taken to the hospital for a check-up.

Mon 2 Lights Out At around 3am, a 32-year-old man scales the pipes of a residential building in Mong Kok. He tries to enter an apartment on the second floor, which is dark but has open windows. It turns out that the owner was watching television with the lights off. Hearing strange noises outside, he throws open the curtains and locks eyes with the thief, clinging onto the pipes outside. He shouts at the thief, who tries to climb down and escape, but trips and falls onto the podium level, injuring his leg. The owner calls the police, who arrest the thief and send him to the hospital.

Tue 3 Rental Illness A 70-year-old woman is leaving her apartment to head to the Lands Tribunal to reclaim the apartment she has leased out, after failing to recover $4,700 in rent from her tenant. As she is about to leave with all the rental documents, a man in a cap wearing a mask attacks her from behind, wraps his arm around her neck and takes her documents along with $1,000 cash. The woman suffers from minor injuries and is taken to the hospital.

Wed 4 Causeway Canoodle In the afternoon, a couple is seen hugging and kissing on the rooftop of a building in Causeway Bay. Although clothed, the woman has her legs wrapped around the man, and his arm is between her legs. They engage in this activity for around an hour. Netizens criticize them for engaging in such behavior in the day time, suggesting that a night-time assignation would be less offensive.

Thu 5 Shadow Puppets At around 1am in Kowloon City, a 36-year-old woman driving on a probationary license sees a “black shadow” flash in front of her and swerves to avoid it, losing control and crashing into the security gate of a children’s toy shop. The woman and her 26-year-old male passenger suffer minor injuries. The woman passes a breathalyzer test.

Fri 6 Monky Business A Buddhist monk is found begging for alms in a cooked food market in Sheung Shui. After he has succeeded in collecting sufficient cash, he sits down at the restaurant and orders a plate of scrambled eggs and beef rice, instead of the usual vegetarian fare. The incident is caught on tape by a netizen and put online, where he is condemned as a fraud.