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Diana Boccara and Leo Longo Capture the World's Indie Bands

Brazilian couple Diana Boccara and Leo Longo are currently tackling their “Around the World in 80 Music Videos” project.

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 16 December, 2015, 11:50am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:54pm

Why did you start the project?
Diana Boccara: We were working in Brazil. Leo is a TV director and I am a TV producer and screenwriter. We had a break from our projects so we went on a road trip across the southern U.S. We did Nashville, Memphis, Clarksdale and New Orleans: the birthplaces of blues, rock, country, jazz and soul. When we came back, we felt we really wanted to keep traveling but also do music. Since we’re not musicians and don’t write for travel magazines, we decided to create something instead. We brainstormed how to combine music, filmmaking and travel and decided music videos were the best way.

Has being a couple impacted your project?
DB: I think it really helps because we know each other very well. We’ve been together three years. He trusts me to do what I have to do and I trust him to do what he has to do. After a long day we just lean on each other. We don’t even have time to fight because we’re always busy doing something, so we just keep doing the work.

What is the hardest part about this project?
Leo Longo: I think it is trying to do one music video per week. It’s really hard because we are always changing countries! You have to find your next place, neighborhood, friends and contacts in the new city. After this you need to listen to the song, find the band and a location and come up with the concept.

Tell us a great travel story.
DB: We had a really cool experience in Brazil. We are from São Paulo so we did 10 music videos in Brazil. Most of the bands also lived in São Paulo, but two bands were in the capital, Brasília. When we got there we were so busy thinking about the two music videos we had to shoot in four days that we didn’t plan anywhere to stay. The flute guy from the band told us we could stay with his mom! We spent three days with him in his mom’s house and she took care of us. I cried when I left because I fell in love with her. When we were done shooting that music video we had another one in the same city. They also invited us to stay with them. We spent five days in Brasília living with the bands! It was amazing.

What do you think of the music scene in Hong Kong?
LL: Indie rock here is very small. I don’t know why because the bands are really good. It’s more about the Hongkongers not wanting to listen to the local rock music. They are listening to K-pop and pop from other countries.

What drew you to Silhungmo and made you want to reach out to them?
DB: We have to believe in their music in order to create something with them. When we listened to them, we liked what they do. Then we invited them to be a part of the project, they said yes and it’s been amazing.

Which country has been your favorite so far?
LL: After traveling across 13 countries, I think the experience in Ireland was really nice. In just three weeks, we made videos with five bands.

Which country is next?
DB: The next stop is South Korea. We’re going to Seoul!