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Chik Hiu-kit Is Hong Kong's Favorite Santa and an Award-Winning Athlete

Also known as Santa Apple, the 22-year-old represented Hong Kong in the International Santa Winter Games in Sweden, coming in first and winning the title of Santa of the Year 2015.

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 17 December, 2015, 2:33pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:54pm

How did you become a registered Santa? I had always wanted to be a Santa Claus. I started three years ago, and this year I took part in the Santa Games at Park Central in Tseung Kwan O. I won and become the representative for Hong Kong, sent to Sweden to take part in the International Santa Winter Games in Gällivare.

What’s the Santa Winter Games about? There are different sections of the competition which include parcel stacking, the lasso, a dance contest and a grand finale. I won the dance contest and the grand finale. I learnt some simple Swedish and prepared Hong Kong-style Christmas gifts for the children, such as bamboo dragonflies and paper airplanes. The children had never seen those toys before, so they were amazed.

Why call yourself “Santa Apple”? I was really into the [Taiwanese romance] movie “You Are the Apple of My Eye,” and I started getting my friends to call me “Apple Jai.” The Santa champion in Hong Kong last year was called “Santa Banana,” so I thought naming myself “Santa Apple” would be funny. Also, we do want to present a healthy image to public. I’m looking forward to next year’s Santa. If it’s a she, I may persuade her to call herself “Santa Cherry."

You’re a pretty skinny guy. Have you ever thought of gaining weight to look the part? Before I visited Sweden, I also thought the Santa Claus stereotype was that they were all chubby. But there are many Santas with different body shapes: Some are fat and short, some are tall and skinny, some are old, some are young—I’m not even the youngest. There are women too, we call them Santa  [Mrs. Claus]. But there are lots of other stereotypes about Santas: People think that they ride sleighs and live in antique cottages. In fact their lives are as modern as ours. Santas use iPhones and drive cars, too.

I want to be a Santa Claus as well. What are the job requirements? To be a Santa Claus, you need to have a kind heart. You can’t be shy and you need to hug people. Also, be very creative. When I was giving away my Hong Kong gifts, I also used some magic I had learned specially for this trip. Most children like me a lot, but it doesn’t work every time. Once I showed my big smile to a baby and she screamed. I ran away.

Seems like Santa is the man with everything. What do you want for Christmas, Santa? To me, Christmas 2015 has been a really big gift. First I was sent to the International Santa Winter Games in Sweden and got first place. The day of the awards ceremony was my birthday, and I proposed to my girlfriend on stage. That was a really meaningful day for me. But as people nowadays have too much work to do and children have so much homework, my Christmas wish is for less stress for Hongkongers, so everyone can enjoy Christmas!