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Kelis Drinks Juice, Not Milkshakes

The New York born-and-bred chart-topping performer, singer-songwriter and certified chef is heading to Macau's new Studio City to ring in 2016 for a performance themed after New York's annual Times Square mirror ball drop.

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 19 December, 2015, 9:43am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:54pm

A lot of your song titles and recent album title are related to food. Does that tie into your experience as a chef? Many of the songs that I wrote for my last album "Food" kind of came naturally. At the time I was working with ["TV On the Radio" guitarist and record producer] Dave Sitek at his home, and he has a ton of musicians and writers that often come through to work with him. Many of these musicians who worked on my record hung out at the house, so I’d find myself cooking food like jerk ribs, cobbler, and I would just use the dish names as a placeholder [for my songs]. The longer I worked on the record the more I realized that the album title "Food" seemed to make sense.

What is the relationship between food and music to you? Food and music both have been passions of mine since my childhood. My mom was a caterer and my dad was a musician, so I’ve really grown up with both influences in my life. To me its important to have a passionate relationship with anything I do. I’m very much all or nothing. And with food and music, I really put in every bit of me.

What style of performance can we expect from you and DJ Nikki at Studio City on New Year’s Eve? Will it be mostly more recent material? I’m really looking forward to coming out to Studio City for New Years Eve. DJ Nikki and I will bring a fun show with a mixture of new music from FOOD, as well as the classic dance tracks. We have both been to Macau before and absolutely love the city. Will be one of the best New Years Parties to come!

What do you think of the rap/R&B game today? To be honest, I don’t really follow todays music. Mainly I listen to jazz and gospel. It’s the music that I’ve grown up with and that’s inspired me, as a person.

What music are you listening to these days? Aside from jazz and gospel, I really love Jamie Woon.

Are you aware of the different plays on the lyrics of your 2003 hit "Milkshake" in pop culture (especially on the Internet) and even in diss tracks (e.g Eminem’s "My Salsa")? How do you feel about those? I’ve actually never heard of this before, though sounds interesting.

What is your favorite flavor of milkshake? Funnily enough, I don’t actually drink milkshakes. Love juices. I like to get creative in making various juices with ginger, apple, cayenne, etc. A lot of fun to make and good for you!