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Last Week in Viral News

We take a look back at the local news that spread like wildfire.

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 07 January, 2016, 10:28am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:54pm

Dec 26, Sat: At around 9am, a 46-year-old man at home with his mother throws a tantrum in his Kwai Chung apartment, throwing things around the living room. He locks himself in his bedroom, and grabbing a stuffed monkey toy he climbs out of the window of his 29th-floor apartment. His mother calls the police and firemen, who arrive and inflate a mattress below him. The man climbs up the exterior pipes to the apartment on the 30th floor, and a standoff ensues. At 1pm, he climbs back to his apartment and sits on the windowsill. He is rescued and sent to the hospital. He has a record of mental instability.

Dec 27, Sun: Two brothers aged 34 and 30 are playing at a war games center in San Po Kong together with 10 strangers. They split into two teams and “battle.” During the skirmish one of the rival teams is hit multiple times by BB bullets, but he refuses to play dead and instead keeps bringing himself back to life. The two brothers complain, but the rival team gangs up on the brothers and beats them up. A member of staff at the center intervenes, but is also attacked. The assailants flee the scene.

Dec 28, Mon: A mainland PhD student at Chinese University pleads guilty to two counts of loitering. Since beginning his studies in September, the man had twice entered the women’s toilets in the university to spy on students, including his crush. In his defense, the man said that his family runs a nightclub, he never had proper sex education growing up and that he only committed the crime because he was too scared to approach his crush. Sentencing the man to 14 days in jail suspended for two years, the judge suggests that the man learns from the motto of Chinese University’s New Asia College: “sincerity and intelligence.”

Dec 29, Tue: At midnight, a 31-year-old woman loses control of her vehicle on Waterloo Road and crashes into a nearby taxi, before bouncing into a 12-meter-tall metal fence.  Firemen arrive, spraying water to cool down the smoking car. The driver is given a breath test which she passes, but she becomes irritated by the reporters who have gathered at the scene. She makes a phone call and suddenly a group of 10 men arrive to chase off the reporters. One man damages a reporter’s camera and the police intervene. The man offers to pay for the damage, and the reporter agrees.

Dec 30, Wed: Members of online forum reveal that ATV is planning to air its 2012’s New Year’s Eve celebration show on New Year’s Eve 2016. Some commenters point out that since ATV has failed to pay their employees, they don’t have the budget to produce a live broadcast on New Year’s Eve. Others point out that since New Year’s Eve is more or less the same every year, there’s nothing wrong with broadcasting a re-run.

Dec 31, Thu: A 39-year-old jobless man is charged with the neglect of a child at the Eastern Magistrate’s Court, after leaving his six-year-old daughter at home alone for a day while he went to the mainland to search for his missing wife. The judge spends 15 minutes in court scolding the man, calling his outrageous action “brainless” and stating that “I wanted to tear the case to pieces when I saw it.” The man responds quietly, “I know I am wrong.” He is sentenced to one year’s probation.

Jan 1, Fri: McDonald’s launches an “All Day Breakfast” for the new year. Netizens criticize the new “Chef’s Set.” While its selling point is thick toast with beans in tomato sauce, the toast is criticized for being either just white bread, or “harder than flip flops.” McDonald’s apologizes, saying that a popular promotion can attract too many customers and that service might suffer as a result.