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Traymond Lui May Be Hong Kong's Biggest 'Star Wars' Fan

The 27-year-old custom-made his own 90 LED-bulb lightsaber and also manages time for his girlfriend.

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 07 January, 2016, 12:39pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:54pm

When did you become a Star Wars fan? I still remember it was in 1999 that my mom first took me to the cinema to watch “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.” We were late and the movie had already started when we arrived. The first scene I saw was the Jedi knights fighting with the droids. The scene was stunning and I fell in love immediately.

How did the plans for your own lightsaber come about? After the second prequel came out, I decided I would have my own lightsaber in my lifetime. I knew there were plastic ones in Toys“R”Us, but I really wanted to have a steel one. I searched the web and found the raw materials on a Taiwanese website, but the price was too much for a student. I was forced to cool down my passion. But finally this year, I spent around $3,000 on materials from Taiwan, and a few hundred on cables and LEDs in Sham Shui Po, and I started to tailor-make one. It took me from the end of November to mid-December. I even had to learn some new electronics skills.

Have you ever fought with your lightsaber? Yes! The lightsaber blade is made of plastic, I made another one for my girlfriend and we always play-fight at home. We usually stand on the bed and fight. There isn’t much space in my house, so we need to be very careful. When I was young, I was using the long bit of a vacuum cleaner to fight and I broke the lamp in the dining room. I lied to my mom and said I didn’t know what happened.

What’s your opinion of the new “Star Wars” movie, “The Force Awakens”? After watching “The Force Awakens” I couldn’t find much linkage between it and the previous ones. Maybe it’s because the director changed, but this episode focuses more on love and relationships. But the biggest thing I can’t accept is that it’s too commercial. The new bad guy seems really powerful, he can use the Force to freeze laser guns—but eventually he’s defeated by an untrained character. Obviously they want to pave the way for the next episode. But that’s so commercial!

Any tips for people who want to make their own lightsabers? I put 90 LED bulbs into the lightsaber—and then it didn’t turn on. I was really disappointed since I’d spent so much time on it. Luckily, later I solved the problem and shared all the details online to make it easier for everyone to have their own lightsaber.

If you were a character in “Star Wars,” who would you be? I think I’m Anakin Skywalker, who later became Darth Vader. At first he was a good man, and I totally understand why he would turn into a bad guy. I’m a Scorpio and I know if I think the wrong way, I could easily do the wrong thing. That’s why I always think clearly before making any decision. Everyone has the dark side in them sometimes.