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The Bookish Five

Bookseller Lee Bo has become the fifth person associated with Causeway Bay Bookstore and its publishing house, Mighty Current, to disappear from Hong Kong in mysterious circumstances. Confusion has been rife, as have conspiracy theories—and the plot twists keep on coming.

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 09 January, 2016, 6:52pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:54pm

But we’re here to set your fears at rest. You can put your panic buttons away, folks. Pay attention, if you please:

  • The booksellers have not been abducted by mainland forces working without the knowledge of the Hong Kong government, in conditions so suspicious that even Chief Executive CY Leung, not a man known for his dissident views, has had to say something like, “Hang on a moment, guys. This doesn’t feel right.”
  • Nor is it relevant that bookseller Lee Bo went to China without using his home return permit, raising questions regarding how exactly he left Hong Kong when the Immigration Department has no record of it.
  • Nor are the handwritten letters sent home by Lee Bo in any way suspicious or really, really weird. Or the fact that his wife has withdrawn her request to the police for help.
  • Nor does it matter that the books they were selling were known to be critical of the Chinese Communist Party, with one in particular containing damaging allegations concerning Xi Jinping’s potential extracurricular… activities.

No, none of this is pertinent. Why have these booksellers really gone missing?

Isn’t it obvious? Wake up, sheeple!

It’s all too plain what’s going on. There’s only one explanation.

Lee Bo and the other four booksellers have clearly obtained a book which, once touched, gave them powerful but wildly dangerous supernatural abilities. Unable to harness their newly awoken talents and terrified of hurting those closest to them, these five bookish individuals have decided that the only wise course of action is to skip town and learn to control their newfound skills at the hands of a wise Shaolin monk.

What else could possibly explain the disappearance of five people who published and sold books critical of Beijing? What else but the rapid onset of metahuman powers would cause these five opponents of the CCP to suddenly go missing, to the bewilderment of family, police and politicians alike?

What, save a suite of suddenly acquired superpowers, could possibly lead to the sudden absence of five people?

Sure, they’re five people who sold a book sullying the spotless record of the Chinese president, but that’s hardly relevant.

Mark our words: They’ll be back. And when they’re back, they’ll be superheroes.