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Erick Morillo, in Macau for First Time, Moves Away from Signature 1993 Beat

Best known for his track "I Like to Move It," the Colombian-American DJ will open as a guest for Pacha, the first outpost of the Ibiza mega club in the region.

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 16 January, 2016, 10:58am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:55pm

"I Like to Move It" was a huge club banger and is still a classic. Do you find yourself trying to depart from that kind of style today? "I Like to Move It" is a true classic. It's a record that is still played today on the radio in many different countries. My fans will always associate "I Like To Move It" with Morillo and it is a great honor. Musically, it was never a conscious effort to depart or gravitate to a specify style of music. When I’m creating music, it has be a sound that I truly love and enjoy working with. For example, at the moment, I’m really into the deep house, tech house, techno. My production work presently is vastly different from "I Like To Move It" but I still create the music with the same passion which I think its what the fan appreciate most.

What kind of tunes will you be bringing to Saturday at Pacha’s launch? I’m really excited to play the grand opening of Pacha Macau. It's my first time in Macau so I cannot wait to make the night memorable for all in attendance. The fans are definitely in for a great time. I’m bringing a lot of my unreleased tracks, some of which will be played for the first time at Pacha Macau. I'm sure the vibe is going to electric—hope Macau is ready to dance with me all night long.

Do you often prepare a set ahead or does inspiration hit on the night? In my 20 plus years of DJ'ng professionally, I have never prepared a set. I just think it takes away from the fun of DJ’ng. For me, personally, it's fun creating a vibe right on the spot and producing music live—with a loop, a vocal from one track and the bass from another record and taking the crowd on a musical journey.

To you, what’s the most important feature of a club? Definitely the sound system. A quality sound system is the foundation of a top club. Lighting plays a big role as well and it can make or break the night. I appreciate the clubs that put together a good show with dancers and performers. It enhances the overall experience for the club goers.

What’s your favorite hour of the day and why? I enjoy my mornings right after waking up. It’s the time of day that I feel most energized. I tend to spend time meditating and it helps me start my day off right.

What’s your absolute most favorite sound? Bass. I love hearing the bass that comes out of a good quality club system. I'm referring to the type of bass that actually moves you and penetrates right through you and makes you want to dance all night long.

You’ve partied and played at many of the world’s most incredible locations—do you have a most memorable gig and where was it? One of my most memorable shows was at Space Ibiza closing party right after 9/11. As the party was coming to an end, I decided to play Frank Sinatra "New York New York" as the last song of the night. At the time, I had no idea how people were going to react. New York is very close to my heart so I just wanted to play a song to let people know I was thinking about my friends and family back home. Seconds after playing the track, I looked into the crowd and everyone and I mean everyone started hugging each other and then it got really emotional as everyone started crying and signing the song. It was an indescribable moment, people from all over the world under one roof showing the utmost respect and love for one another—humanity at its best during a very difficult time in our history.

What do you carry with you during all your travels? I alway pack my studio laptop and take advantage of the travel time to work on studio projects. I also don't leave home without my iPad and headphones. I love watching movies and when I’m on the road, I spend most of my time watching as many movies as possible. I also carry a pack of Uno playing cards—fun card game when you’re waiting for a flight home after a long weekend of touring.