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Predict Your Chinese New Year

What does the Year of the Monkey hold for you? We ask feng shui master Lee Shing-chak for his predictions… and the mischievous Monkey King himself to interpret for us. 

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 04 February, 2016, 1:54pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:56pm
Graphics by Pierre Pang and Kay Leung

Personality: Monkey see, monkey do. Monkeys are known to be quick learners, who enjoy adventures and trying out new things. This is your year, so—YOLO.
Master Lee says: Monkeys who are studying or applying for jobs will have a great year. There’ll be something to do with automobiles, so you may possibly buy a car—or if you are in the motoring or transportation industry, you’re in luck. However, since you are in conflict with “Tai Sui” [the “Great Duke of Jupiter”] this year, you should pay extra attention to your health. To avoid “bloody accidents,” go have your teeth cleaned or give blood—that way you’ll be doing good deeds and taking the blood away. 
Monkey King says: You’re in luck! Buy a new car and drive it to the hospital for a health checkup. Give a little blood while you’re there and you’re home free this year.

Personality: The Rooster has a heroic personality. They’re also good at numbers and time management—but they happen to have very sharp tongues, so you don’t want to get on their bad side. 
Master Lee says: The Rooster will have a great year in terms of romance and sex.  Don’t abuse your good fortune, though, as it could turn bad if you go too far. Expect someone to help you this year: You’ll be able to achieve a lot by working with that certain someone. However, pay close attention to how you work with others, especially with your words as arguments might come easily. There might be problems with your joints, fingers, muscles and bones. 
Monkey King says: Have lots of sex, but not too much. Find a good colleague to work with, but don’t sleep with them! Oh, and drink more milk.

Personality: The Dog is very conservative and secure, but they can come across as stubborn at times. Be more flexible and try to raise your EQ and you’ll find success comes easier.
Master Lee says: Compared to monkeys who are always jumping around, dogs are very stable—quite the opposite, which makes this year not so great for them. Take good care of your parents and yourself as there might be health problems coming up soon. You may also be a bit depressed this year—try to keep yourself in a good mood. The seventh to ninth month of the lunar calendar [Aug 3-Oct 30] will be a low point for you. You may also have problems when working with others.
Monkey King says: Uh-oh. Take it easy and chill out this year, bro. Maybe stay away from sad movies and extreme sports.

Personality: The Pig is the most unbiased and impartial of all 12 zodiac signs, but they have problems with consistency and staying focused.
Master Lee says: This year there will be a woman helping you out in your life, and if you are a man then that may be more than just help! You will also have a good chance of buying a house this year [we’re not convinced Ed] or you might become famous or get promoted. Even so, you should not overspend as there might be financial problems waiting ahead. You are also in conflict with Tai Sui this year so you should not be facing north—it will bring you conflicts with others.
Monkey King says: So this year you’re going to meet a smoking hot chick, become a movie star and buy a villa on the Peak… before you wind up in debt the year after. That’s quite the roller coaster. Oh, and buy a compass.

Personality: The Rat is the most detail-minded of all zodiac animals. They are also artistic and have talent in the food industry (think “Ratatouille”). But they would be happier still if they could work on their anxiety problems. 
Master Lee says: This is a good year for the Rat—even your boss will be asking for your help and if you’re taking part in a competition, there’s a good chance that you’ll win! If your job involves the outdoors or is action-based, you’ll succeed even more. Don’t overthink things, though: You might have too much on your mind this year and it may cause trouble and create conflicts between friends and colleagues. 
Monkey King says: Quit your current job and become a professional, competitive marathon runner. You’ll win everything you enter and your coach will ask you how you did it.

Personality: The Ox is the quietest of all, a big believer in “slow and steady wins the race.” They are also very patient, but need to speak up and be more creative.
Master Lee says: You finally made it through the tough Year of the Sheep! This year you will thrive. You will be very successful if you are going for advanced or professional studies. If you are planning for a baby, this is the year to do it. There will be an influential woman who helps you, especially in the seventh to ninth month of the lunar calendar [Aug 3-Oct 30], and if you are a man then you might also land a lover this year. There might be some minor problems financially, and be extra careful when driving or doing sports.
Monkey King says: Finally get your Masters and have that kid. It’ll all be easy when Carrie Lam shows up in your life to lend some tender support. Just don’t crash your car.

Personality: The Tiger is the loner of the zodiac animals—so not great at working with others. Instead they are very good at planning and very quick to act.
Master Lee says: Tigers have the biggest conflict with Monkeys—they are in direct opposition to the Monkey’s people-oriented nature. Be careful with the health of your parents as well as your wallet, as this might not be a great year for your finances. However, this year presents a good chance for Tigers to resolve problems—solutions should appear easily. You will also be traveling a lot, so this is a good year for those in the tourism or transportation industry. However, try to avoid water sports.
Monkey King says: So you shouldn’t spend money but you will be traveling a lot: Guess you’ve got a lot of tram trips along the island to take this year. 

Personality: The Rabbit is easygoing and noble, and skilled at interpersonal relationships. They also are excellent listeners—but their vocal communication isn’t so good and they should work on their presentation skills.
Master Lee says: Rabbits, you are in luck this year! You have the stars that represent the emperor, meaning that you should have the chance to start your own business or get a promotion. You will also be appreciated by someone influential. But try to avoid gambling as you probably won’t have the luck for it. Also, try to avoid getting into conflicts with your boss.
Monkey King says: Got a startup idea? Now’s your chance to make it happen and CY Leung will pay attention. But if you’re taking a chance with the funding, make sure it’s with someone else’s money…

Personality: The Dragon is a natural leader. They are creative and dare to make breakthroughs, but they are less obedient and can have problems working in teams.
Master Lee says: Make some Rat friends as they are going to bring good luck to you. For those who work in the arts, design and property industries, you are in luck this year. However, people may get jealous of you and you should stop wearing yellow to avoid it. Also, beware of heavy machinery and health problems brought by your pets. Be patient and try to avoid getting drawn into fights.
Monkey King says: Remove the high-vis jacket and step away from the digger. Nothing good can come of this.

Personality: The Snake is cooler and more self-centered—quite a mysterious character. Snakes should try working on their social skills to improve their luck.
Master Lee says: You may be facing people problems—perhaps at work or in relationships. Go get yourself a Mark Six ticket, because you may have good fortune in lotteries or lucky draws this year. On top of that, your finances should be pretty good. Pay extra attention to your health, especially your voice and respiratory system. Also be careful with your belongings.
Monkey King says: Enter and win the lottery, and all of your other problems will be meaningless. Unless someone steals your winning ticket, that is.

Personality: The Horse is the most grounded of the animals, with all four hooves on solid terra firma. However they are often not flexible enough, unlike the witty and quick monkey.
Master Lee says: Sorry horses: This year could be a bit tough for you. Don’t act too hastily and instead wait for your opportunities to come by. Avoid dangerous or extreme sports, as well as unnecessary visits to hospitals and funerals. Beware of the safety of your home and workplace, as accidents may occur. Wear more white or lighter-colored clothes, or try to decorate your place with white to help bring you luck.
Monkey King says: Take it easy. Get more soft furnishings and stay at home. Buy white curtains.

Personality: The Goat is the foodie in the house. They are also dreamers—but don’t just think about it. You have to go after your dreams to make them come true.
Master Lee says: Congratulations! Goats are the most likely to get married this year and if you haven’t got a partner yet, it’s probably about time for you to think about it. However, take good care of your body as you might have health issues this year, and try to avoid heading to the mountains or going rock climbing.
Monkey King says: Time to pop the question. Just don’t do it at the top of The Peak. a) It’s a bit tacky b) It’s not gonna end well.

Fai chun, like the one we've made for you, above, are traditional Chinese New Year decorations hung up on doorways to invite in good luck and prosperity.