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Brian Cha Whacked Golf Balls Until His Hands Bled

The motivational speaker, author and fitness expert is a three-time Guinness World Record holder.

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 17 February, 2016, 4:58pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:57pm

Three-time Guinness World Record holder? OK, we’ll bite. Which was number one? I’ve been working in the health and fitness sector for quite a while, and wanted to make a positive impact within the industry. Back in March 2012, Tommy, a good friend, was in a coma. I wanted to help raise money to support his family. I have two daughters myself and I know very well the importance of a father to a family. So on February 18, 2013, I broke the record for “Most golf balls hit into a target area in 12 hours,” by whacking more than 8,000 golf balls 100 yards on a range in Ma On Shan. By the end of the challenge my hands were sore and bleeding and I could barely move my arms, but I was so glad I did it. 

Ouch. What was record number two? After my first record I realized doing it all by myself was just way too difficult. So for the next one, the “Most electrical energy generated by pedalling on bicycles in 24 hours,” I led a group of 800 people. I was the only who biked for 24 hours straight, but it was a very meaningful event getting the public involved and raising money to help remote provinces in China build more water cellars. 

OK—record number three? For my third world record, achieved in April 2015, I got even more people, 1,500, and together we broke the record for the “Most basketball layups made in 12 hours”—73,900. It was also a fundraiser, this time for children with special needs.

What do people think of all your record-breaking feats? I was initially put off trying to break records because people around me kept saying it would be impossible. However, once I decided to go for it, their discouragement actually motivated to push myself to the limit and ultimately succeed. 

You also founded the fitness app Mooofit. What was your idea behind that? I started planning Mooofit more than two years ago to encourage the local community to live a more active lifestyle. But I wanted it to be different than other fitness appsand better suited for Hong Kong people’s busy lifestyles, while benefitting the underprivileged. So I partnered with Park N’ Shop, where the calories counted on the app can be converted into their loyalty program. We also give out free gifts such as movie tickets, t-shirts and trainers.

What keeps you going? I believe hard work paired with your dream is the equation for success, and that’s also what I preach when I’m coaching or when I speak. I’m a strong believer that everything is possible if you put your mind and soul in it.

Any future plans? I want to be the first person to break 10 world records in 10 different sports, and I’m aiming to achieve that within five years. I’ve already broken three, so there are seven more to go! 

Wow! What’s your next word record attempt, then? I’m planning to break the record for the “Most marathons run on consecutive days” and to that end I’m currently organizing a 2,500km marathon from Beijing to Hong Kong, which will take approximately 60 days.