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Last Week in Viral News

We take a look back at the local news that spread like wildfire.

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 03 March, 2016, 2:20pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:58pm

Feb 20, Sat: At 2pm, a 46-year-old man wants to change trains at Fan Ling MTR station. He jumps down from the platform and walks across two sets of train tracks to the opposite platform, then climbs up. MTR staff spot someone on the tracks and call in an emergency, preventing trains from entering the station. The man is fined for violating MTR regulations and causing a train service delay of two to three minutes.

Feb 21, Sun: In the afternoon, police enter a Tin Shui Wai apartment and arrest Hong Kong Indigenous spokesperson Ray Wong and a 28-year-old friend on charges of inciting others to participate in a riot, as well as the possession of a prohibited weapon and controlled substances. Police seize potentially dangerous fertilizer chemicals, as well as an extendable baton, an “electromagnetic gun,” several “V for Vendetta” masks, $530,000 cash and a large amount of erectile dysfunction medication.

Feb 22, Mon: Reporters from Oriental Daily investigate the archery range in Ngau Chi Wan Park and find that the protective netting is insufficient, with rips and tears in the netting. Public toilets, offices and the parking lot are all right behind the range. Reporters also find that one of the steel doors of the garbage room has been dented by repeated arrow strikes.

Feb 23, Tue: Around 5pm, railway police officers patrolling on Castle Peak Road near Tai Wo Hau MTR station discover that the police attendance register book placed in the station has been stolen. More police officers arrive to search the area, but the book cannot be found. Police urge anyone who might have witnessed the theft to contact them.

Feb 24, Wed: At around 11am, a man is walking past a bus stop at Shek Lei Pui Reservoir when he comes across two old men, aged 65 and 70, clandestinely cutting up a six-meter fallen tree with a saw. He suspects them of illegal activities and calls the police. They claim that they had found a beehive on the trunk and were trying to collect honey from it. They are arrested on suspicion of criminal damage.

Feb 25, Thu: At around 4pm, a man boards an East Rail MTR train to visit his relatives on the mainland. As the train approaches Tai Wai station, two men approach him. One of them grabs his leg and begins rubbing it, while the other uses the distraction to steal RMB5,000 from his pockets. They run off before the train doors shut. The dumbfounded man tells the police that he thought the thief was having a seizure. The two are still at large.

Feb 26, Fri: At around 3am, a Ukrainian woman meets a Russian man in a bar and goes home with him. After a few drinks, she becomes emotional and threatens to jump from the window of his 11th floor sub-divided flat. The man is unable to stop her and she flings herself out of the window, bouncing off a clothes rack before crashing into a pile of garbage on the fifth floor podium. She is wounded but is still conscious and is rushed to the hospital.