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Where to Fix Your Phone in Hong Kong, Butter Sprays and Nerds Rejoice

All that's best in Hong Kong tech.

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 10 March, 2016, 4:13pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:59pm

So Superhot Right Now

Just launched at the beginning of this month: indie game Superhot. This first-person shooter game puts you into a simple world of whites, blues and greys, with blocky red polygon baddies gunning for you every step you take. But that’s the interesting thing: It really is every step you take, because time only moves when you yourself move. Creep forward, and the baddies creep forward too, bullets inching past. Sprint, and the world speeds around you. The game is all about switching between the two, from elegant takedowns to flawless bullet dodging. It replaces the twitch-response and frantic mashing of a boring old shoot-em-up with cold, hard logic. How great is that? $148 from Steam for Windows and Mac,

Nerd Alert

A certain kind of nerd ought to be very excited right about now, because the Raspberry Pi 3 B has just been released. This tiny circuit board may not look like much, but the darling little thing is actually an almost entirely self-sufficient computer, complete with a quad-core processor, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality built in—all for just $300. Add a MicroSD memory card, load on a few files and voila: you’ve actually got a fully working computer, complete with operating system and office applications. But that’s not the most interesting part: The Rasperry Pi is built to be powerful and totally customizable, an easy mini brain for everything from wireless cinemas to automated cat feeders to smart mirrors to quadcopters to supercomputers. Just want to run office apps or old N64 games? You can do that too. $321 from

Buttered Up

Today in amusing Kickstarter campaigns: the Biem Butter Sprayer, a gadget that takes fridge-cold sticks of butter and turns ‘em into a spray of buttery goodness. Suggested uses include being able to butter popcorn without sogginess and bread without it tearing: Wonder how it would tackle a Hong Kong-style French toast?  As of press time, the campaign has made US$128,000—almost a million Hong Kong, and well over its US$42,000 goal. So, how much do you want to be part of the butter-melting elite? Early bird prices start at US$129 ($1,000), with the product due for delivery within the year.

Smashing News

Here’s one of those things that if you know about it, you’re rolling your eyes at having to read this. But if you don’t know, I’m about to save you a bomb, so pay attention.

So you’ve dropped your iPhone one time too many, and now the screen is so cracked that your WhatsApp messages look like ancient Icelandic Runes. You’re tired of embedding glass shards into your fingers every time you try to swipe right on Tinder, but you REALLY don’t want to have to haul it to the Apple Store, where they’ll look patronizingly at your gormless face and charge you a few thousand bucks to swap the screen out, or better yet try to sell you an iPhone 6 Plus. Take your shattered phone and dreams to Sincere Podium aka Sin Tat Plaza instead, where the multitude of repair shops will swap out your phone screen for just $500. Anything else that has to be replaced—batteries, cameras, etc.—all cost way less than they would otherwise. You’re very welcome. 83 Argyle St., Mong Kok


Mac users who use the Transmission BitTorrent app to, um, legally download freely licensed content and shared software, take care: For the first time ever, a piece of "ransomware" has made its way onto the Mac platform. The KeRangers malware was included in a version of Transmission and it warns the user that the computer’s entire contents will be encrypted within three days, unless they pay a ransom of 1 Bitcoin ($3,177) into an anonymous account. Ouch. Transmission has since released a fixed version of its app, so upgrade if you can.