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Hong Kong's Big Booty Beauties: Get in Shape

Whether you’ve been looking to get bikini ready for the summer or you’ve just watched one hip hop music video too many, here's how to achieve a toned, round booty.

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 29 March, 2016, 11:25am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:01pm

Tip Top Form

Serious about toning your lady lumps? TopFit’s got your back—literally. The “Curves Ahead” sessions targeted at women are full of strength exercises using dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, the prowler and more. The moves are designed to help you build up and pare down to highlight the natural curves in the female anatomy, from hamstrings, inner thighs, triceps, shoulders and core to, of course, the all-important glutes. Free trials are available: call to reserve a slot. From $350/drop-in class. 3/F, The Wellington, 198 Wellington St., Central, 2776-7298,

Express Yourself

So you want to tone up, but you hate the gym. If you’ve ever dreamed of a way to condense effective exercising into as little time as possible, new-to-town fitness center Body Express might have answered those prayers with some unique technology. It’s all done though a special vest. It might make you look like some kind of SWAT team member on a cardio check-up, but the idea is that you do low-impact exercises while the vest sends electrical impulse currents to stimulate the deep muscle layers. One apparent advantage of this is that it’s easy on the joints and a great solution for those with injuries—but it also means less overall effort, because one 20-minute session is supposedly equal to five and a half hours of activity at the gym. So eat that extra egg tart: you’ve earned it. Trials through Mar 31 are free, online booking required. Sessions cost $868, with packages starting from 26 sessions a year. Shop D, G/F, Sun Lee Building, 43-49 Wellington St., Central, 2801-6897,

Room In Those Jeans

After all that work, you’ve got to accentuate your new-found curves with the appropriate duds. Swedish online fitness apparel brand One More Rep carries a revolutionary booty-hugging jean (on the left) that’s all the rage with Instagram fitness bloggers. The Freddy WR.UP features slanted, higher-cut pockets for a rounder, perkier derriere. They don’t come cheap, though: A pair of the most basic, workout-friendly low-cut pants start at SEK559 ($530), and that’s excluding shipping. So you’ll want to consider whether you actually have the booty to fill those jeans before buying… On the other end of the spectrum, if you’ve ever wanted to make your gams look slimmer (and who wouldn’t?), Korean brand Chuu carries the popular -5kg collection (the two on the right): a line of skinny jeans that are supposed to make you look 5kg thinner. The slim-cut, mid-waist cigarette leg jeans come in a range of colors, and are also slightly easier on the wallet too, starting from $295 from online store Something Sweet.

Shake Your Moneymaker

Say what you will about the scandalous dance move, you can’t deny that twerking and wining (the move, not the alcohol) both require a certain stamina and glute strength to execute properly. Dancehall Queen Fraules Elena, a superstar of the twerk world who popularized the dance move through YouTube, recently came to Hong Kong and made girls go wild at a twerk workshop hosted at The Yard studio in San Po Kong. The event was organized by Rootsrider, which hosts reggae dancehall classes every Saturday, 8-9:30pm. Keep an eye on this space for more special workshops to come., email organizer Ophey Sankofa Chan at [email protected] for details.

Run the World

If you’re feeling like a pair of Lululemons are out of your budget, Hong Kong fitness brand Miss Runner has a range of sport leggings to help you shape up and look good doing it. Founder Tania Cheung’s kaleidoscopic designs are classy, kinda trippy, and also match well with their signature yoga mats. Our fave right now? The marble-patterned, monochrome Time Traveller set. Leggings $390 from