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Everything You Need to Know to Step Up Your Suit Game

When it’s time to look sharp, smart and put-together, whether in the office or out, there’s nothing like a suit to do the job.

PUBLISHED : Friday, 01 April, 2016, 10:11am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:02pm

Do: Hide that ugly undershirt

Don’t let a white undershirt appear above your dress shirt at the neck: It’s unnecessary. Go buy yourself some v-neck undershirts or even better, just don’t wear one. If you absolutely must, make sure you’re wearing a tie.

Don’t: Forget about the buttons

Never button the last button of your suit jacket—and always unbutton the jacket when you sit. You’re supposed to close all the buttons on a dress shirt. If you can’t close the top button without choking yourself, go get a new shirt. Cotton poplin dot contrast shirt, $1,434 from Milk Shirts, Room 503, Wing On Plaza, 62 Mody Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui.

Do: Pair with a waistcoat

Some people think three-pieces are old-fashioned, but when the waistcoat has the right fit, you’ll look slim and modern. This one’s part of a three-piece suit from my brand, RCANO, but Hola Classic also has great waistcoats. Hola Classic, G/F, 11A Caroline Hill Rd., Causeway Bay, 2870-0246.

Don’t: Forget about fit

Waistcoats come in many different cuts and styles. They are worn to add another layer of formality, to add contrast or as a figure-enhancing piece. Make sure it’s the right fit and style for you, otherwise it will look out of place and ruin your whole outfit. A tip: Waistcoats should sit just above the top of the belt line.

Do: Get it tailored

Even the most expensive suit will look bad if it is not tailored to your body. Tailoring your pants a little shorter will add distinctiveness to a simple look, while thin lapels and double vents are more modern and fashionable. For a more casual and trendy look, go for a single-button jacket. Two piece navy suit, starting at $2,280 from

Don’t: Keep that high school suit

Chances are, your old suit is worn and baggy. Keep in mind that your shirt cuffs shouldn’t go over your hands, the shoulder of your suit should hug your own shoulders, and there should be no gap between the collar of your shirt and the collar of your jacket.

Do: Make your tie stand out
Thin or thick, it doesn’t matter: Don’t be afraid to express yourself by mixing and matching contrasting patterns and shades. Colored ties can fit a wide range of occasions, and pairing a patterned tie on a patterned shirt is a good look for the office. Silk polka dot necktie, $280 from Cuffs, 2/F, Yuen Yick Building, 27-29 Wellington St., Central, 2413-8098,

Do: Leave your gym watch at home
Save the bulky sports watch for the gym or your outdoor-adventure excursions. It has no place with a suit. Wear a thin, silver, gold or black, elegant watch and you can’t go wrong. Iconic 38SS silver watch, $1,715 from Nordic Time,

Do: Accessorize
If you do choose to wear a tie clip, make sure it’s never wider than your tie. If you’re already wearing a pocket square and a tie clip, don’t dig out a lapel pin. And save your necklaces and bracelets for the weekend: They’re inappropriate with a suit. Gunmetal moustache tie clip, $350 from Cuffs.