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Last Week in Viral News

We take a look back at the local news that spread like wildfire.

PUBLISHED : Friday, 08 April, 2016, 10:06am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:03pm

Mar 26, Sat: A man drives up to a parking space in the street but discovers a woman standing in the spot, blocking his way. The woman insists that parking space is hers and that a car is on its way. She sits down in the parking space and calls the police, telling them that she has just been hit by a car. Fearing trouble, the man leaves. He later returns to find the woman speaking to the police, and protests his innocence to the officers. The woman demands to have her “injuries” examined, but then flees the scene. The police lose her in the chase. Some netizens compare her actions to the Occupy Central protests.

Mar 27, Sun: In Tsuen Wan at 10pm, two couples are waiting in line to buy balloon animals when an argument escalates into a fight. One woman grabs the other by her hair and drags her along the pavement, kicking her. The first woman’s boyfriend emerges from a nearby restaurant and joins the assault on the couple, yelling that he is the area’s triad boss. By the time police arrive, both couples have fled.

Mar 28, Mon: A photo of a sign at the entrance of a North Point basketball court goes viral. On the list of banned activities, one line reads “No ball games.” Netizens mock the sign, although others point out that the icon on the sign is a soccer ball, implying that no ball games other than basketball are permitted. The sign has since been replaced.

Mar 29, Tue: An unemployed 21-year-old man appears in court on suspicion of taking more than 2,000 upskirt videos and pouring semen onto the hair of two teenage schoolgirls. The man is also suspected of installing CCTV cameras and following the two girls around his Ngau Tau Kok residential building, where the girls also live. The alleged crimes were discovered when the man was caught filming one of the schoolgirls in an elevator. While under police caution, he admitted to watching the schoolgirls and filming the upskirt videos for sexual gratification.

Mar 30, Wed: A photo of an out-of-order notice on an ATM at a local branch of an American bank goes viral. In English, the sign reads “cash withdrawal service suspended,” while in Chinese it reads “cash deposit service suspended.” Netizens criticize the English standards of the American bank, although others speculate if this simply means that only transfer services are available.

Mar 31, Thu: A photo of a section of the Owners’ Covenant of DAN6, an industrial building in Tsuen Wan, is posted to Facebook. The covenant appears to contain a clause that bans individuals from viewing pornographic materials within the building. A Facebook user suggests this could mean the police Special Duties Unit would come for you the moment your pants came off. DAN6 made headlines on Tuesday when a corpse was found buried in concrete in one of its units.

Apr 1, Fri: “The police has successfully invited Michael Jackson to join the Police Tactical Unit, which will in future deal with rowdy public processions with singing and dancing,” reads the caption on a photo which appears to show the late Michael Jackson running in formation with the police on the Hong Kong Police’s Facebook page. Netizens condemn police for exploiting the dead pop star for an April Fool’s gag.