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250 Things to Love About Hong Kong

 We celebrate The List's 250th issue by looking at everything we love about Hong Kong.

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 19 April, 2016, 12:35pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:04pm

This month at The List, we’re celebrating our 250th issue by looking at everything we love about Hong Kong and what makes it so special. Here are 250 things that we can’t get enough of in this crazy city of ours.


An essential part of Hong Kong is food, glorious food

The unique taste of Cantonese dim sum
Lin Heung Tea House has been here since the 1920s to cure your dim sum cravings. Tsang Chiu Ho Building, 160 Wellington St, Sheung Wan, 2544-4556

The slightly bittersweet taste of local iced lemon tea
Ki Kei Cafe replaces lemon slices with lemon peel and fresh lemon juice. G/F, 8 Kut Hing Street, Tai O

Black herbal jelly
While best eaten with just a sprinkle of sugar, Kei Kee Dessert serves the dessert with heaps of fresh cut fruits. 33 Kam Fai Path, Yuen Long, 2479-4743

The herbal tea craze in the hot summer months
Chau Ka Yuen supposedly sells a bowl of their ”Chicken bone grass” tea (雞骨草涼茶) every five minutes. G/F, 52 Ap Lei Chau Main St., Ap Lei Chau

Eating a hot peanut butter waffle in cold weather
Lee Keung Kee North Point Egg Waffles serves up piping hot waffles with your choice of topping—think Nutella or condensed milk. 492 King’s Rd., North Point

Navigating the maze at Chungking Mansion to eat like you’re in India
Crowned as the King of Curry, Khyber Pass Mess Club is a Chungking gem. Flat E2, 7/F, Block E, ChungkingMansion, 36-44 Nathan Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui

Silk stocking milk tea
You can’t go wrong with Lan Fong Yuen’s legendary milk tea. 2 Gage St., Central, 2544-3895

Warm and wobbly straight-out-of-the-oven egg tarts
The hardest decision is choosing between the puff pastry and the shortcrust variety. Violet Cake Shop, 94A Electric Rd., Tin Hau

Black market cookies: Jenny Bakery
There are always long lines outside the shop, with people aiming for their prized “teddy bear” butter cookies. Why so popular? Try a box for yourself. Shops 24, G/F & 42, 1/F, Mirador Mansion, 54-64 Nathan Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui, 2311-8070,

Creamy scrambled eggs at Australia Dairy Company and the hivemind service there
One of the top cha chaan tengs in town—but be prepared for an intimidating (-ly fast) dining experience. 47 Parkes St, Jordan, 2730-1356.

Freshly baked pineapple buns with a cold slab of butter
Kam Wah Café claims to be the inventor of this guilty pleasure—and they do take their buns seriously. 47 Bute St., Prince Edward, 2392-6830.

Next level desserts seem to get crazier every summer
Try this honey toast-ception: a toast box filled with sweet honey-flavored mini toast pieces, garnished with fruit and ice cream. Dazzling Café, Shop 22, 3/F, The One, 100 Nathan Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui, 2312-6099

Expensive food items that still get customers because of the hype
I Cremeria’s signature soft serve cream parfait is served in a sweet green melon half—and will set you back $220 a pop. Shop F-9, 1/F, 11-19 Great George St., Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay

Sipping a locally made craft beer
Hong Kong Beer Co. was the first micro-brewery in Hong Kong. Get a pint at Inn Side Out.  2/F, SCAA, 88 Caroline Hill Rd., Causeway Bay

Chowing down on humble seafood in a sampan
Shun Kee Typhoon Shelter Seafood, Typhoon Shelter, Causeway Bay, 8112-0075

Old school, almost extinct street snacks always make a welcome cameo
Psst... We often notice an elderly man selling authentic sugar “scallion” wraps near Kowloon Tong’s Festival Walk.

Curry fish balls are an emblematic food of Hong Kong
Wong Lam Kee Chiu Chow Fishball Noodles makes them fresh every morning. Shop A, 10 Shau Kei Wan Main St. East, Shau Kei Wan, 2886-0068

Cantonese soups from home or a quick fix on the MTR
We love the nourishing teas and soups at Healthworks in most MTR stations. Shop W7, Central MTR Station (Exit A near Worldwide House), 2840-0518

Eating fried food and getting told you’re too “hot air”
Get some “24 herbs” tea or “gweilo herbal tea” aka ice cold beer, stat!

A double dose of caffeine in a milk tea-coffee hybrid, yuan yeung, to start a morning off right.
China Café offers an extra icy variation. G/F, 1077A Canton Rd., Mong Kok, 2392-7825

Eating dai pai dong grub while watching the world pass by
Sing Heung Yuen has the most amazing tomato soup noodles 2 Mei Lun St., Central, 2544-8368

Chinese New Year puddings get crazier every year, from coffee-flavored ones to cakes decked out in gold leaf

Indulging in comforting hot pot with a huge group
Want some trendy hot pot? Check out The Drunken Pot in Tsim Sha Tsui 2/F, 8 Observatory Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui, 2321-9038

Soy sauce western cuisine
Sammy’s Kitchen is a sure-fire classic. 204-206 Queen’s Rd. West, Western, 2548-8400

Hiking across Lamma to get to the seafood restos
Lamma Hilton Shum Kee Restaurant (no relation to the hotel) is a strong favorite. 26 Sok Kwu Wan Second St., Lamma Island 2982-8290

The city’s silkiest Tofu Fa
Ah Por Tofu Fa, 1 Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island

Getting your wonton noodle fix anywhere, anytime
Wing Wah Noodle Shop’s hand-kneaded egg noodles make them extra delicious. 89 Hennessy Rd., Wan Chai, 2527-7476

The 4pm after school rush for Indo Mie garlic noodles at any nearby 7-Eleven

Weird starchy cream of mushroom soups in local restaurants

Dunking chinese fried donuts into a steaming bowl of congee
Dak Fat Congee (德發粥品) is popular for their fried donut sticks wrapped in rice rolls G/F, 9B & 11 Sze Pei Square, Tsuen Wan, 2498-8404/2408-7368

Steamed minced meatloaf with a salty egg yolk—the comfort food served in a typical Hong Kong home
Man Sing Bing Sut (民聲冰室) or “People’s Voice” offers homey huge meatloaf 16 Wun Sha St., Tai Hang

The unique intense flavor from tea (and soy sauce) poached eggs, mostly found in herbal tea shops.
Farm Milk Company uses farm-fresh eggs. Shek Kong Kap Lung, 78 Lui Kung Tin, Yuen Long, 2832-9218

The crazy following for anything matcha-flavored in Hong Kong
Get your matcha ice cream fix at Via Tokyo, which just opened a new TST branch. 29 Cameron Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui, 2385-6388

Being able to get the daintiest, softest chargrilled char siu and the toughest construction worker tier grilled pork both in Central
Get the fancy version at Mott 32, which uses Iberico Pork. Basement, Standard Chartered Building, 4-4A Des Voeux Rd., Central, 2885-8688

The sweet and salty, tart flavor of dried wah mui prunes
Get them: Yiu Fung Store, Shop A, G/F, 2 Pak Sha Road, Causeway Bay

A freshly made bowl of bouncy fish ball or fish cake noodles
Tak Cheong Noodle (德昌魚蛋粉), G/F, 75 Electric Rd., Tin Hau, 2510-8783


Smells and odors of the Big Lychee

Medicinal aroma of herbal tea at traditional herbal tea shops
Sam Bo Fong, Shop 4B, 55 Dundas St., Mong Kok, 2781-0728

The citrusy scent of potted kumquat trees adorning building lobbies during Chinese New Year
The fresh verdant smell of the Flower Market in springtime Flower Market, Prince Edward

The smell of Aberdeen near the floating restaurants
The unique mishmash of fresh vegetables, sweet fruits and ferrous smell of live produce at the wet markets Want a high tech wet market experience? Head to Siu Sai Wan Wet Market, revamped with wifi, phone chargers, and online live chicken orders. G/F, Siu Sai Wan Market, Siu Sai Wan Plaza, Eastern

The floral scent of the lobby at Kowloon Shangri-La
64 Mody Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui East, 2721-2111

Pungent diesel engines of the Star Ferry

The humidity on your nose especially during April-May or upon return from a trip abroad

The aroma of home cooking from the neighbors traveling into your living room

The unique sweaty scent of food boiling away at a congee or noodle shop
Sang Kee, 20-22 Cleverly St., Sheung Wan, 2541-8199

Charcoal-fired claypot rice and oily deep fried oyster cakes in Yau Ma Tei
Four Seasons Claypot Rice, 46-58 Arthur St., Yau Ma Tei

Incense burning in oldw apartment hallways and shrines
Pak Kung Temple shrine, Peel Street

The cold steely scent of the mist from the sprinklers while picnicking on IFC roof

Eye-wateringly acrid burning incense at Chinese New Year’s celebrations at Che Kung Temple
7 Che Kung Miu Rd., Tai Wai, 2603-4049

Milky and sweet scent of Bubble Tea
You can smell the aroma of TenRen Cha for Tea’s bubble teas from a block away. TenRen Cha for Tea, Eslite, 10/F, Hysan Place, 500 Hennessy Rd., Causeway Bay, 3419-6780

The sweet smell of of fruits at the Yau Ma Tei Wholesale Fruit Market

The smell of dried seafood on Wing Lok Street
Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan

Pungent stinky tofu in Mong Kok
Kai Kee Snacks, 41 Dundas St., Mong Kok

The smell of wet tofu and fish fading into greens and fruits as you walk up Graham Street
Graham Street, Central Smelling wet fresh cut grass, Victoria Peak Garden, Mount Austin Road, The Peak

The sweet smell of freshly cooked eggettes or egg waffles
Oddies’s got next-level chocolate eggettes. Shop 1F, G/F, 149 Wan Chai Rd., Wan Chai, 9551-7972

The intoxicating smell of Bee Cheng Hiang dried meat jerky outside the MTR in Causeway Bay.
Kong Mansion, 2-6 Yee Wo St., 2833-0128

The perfumed air when you step into the elevator lobby to get to Vibes at The Mira hotel
Vibes, 5/F, The Mira, 118 Nathan Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui, 2315-5599

The salty smell of dried seafood and shrimp paste still in the making in Tai O
Tai O, Lantau Island

The smell of charcoal and honey at a Hong Kong-style barbecue

The salty sea smell that sticks to the whole bus when you’re heading home from the beach
Citybus no.9 runs between Shau Kei Wan (close to the MTR) and Shek O beach

The scent of fear when you’re locked in a room at Freeing HK

The smell of the inside of a face mask when you have the slightest cold


Noises and sound bites we like to hear

The wailing and singing and percussion sounds from Cantonese opera

Gushing sound of fountains at Hong Kong Park
19 Cotton Tree Drive, Central, 2521-5041

Flapping of pigeon wings over our heads outside the Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry pier

People oohing and aahing at Pui Pui the celebrity crocodile
Hong Kong Wetland Park, Tin Shui Wai, New Territories, 3152-6666

Haggling with market vendors, and hearing them beg you to come back when you do the “walk-away” technique
Ladies Market, Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok

The boisterous sounds of the Cantonese dialect and other native dialects like Hakka and Chiu Chow

Punters tuning into radio broadcast with rapid Cantonese commentary on horseracing

The “ding-ding” noise that you hear on trams

The nonsensical restaurant terms and secret lingo used in local cha chaan tengs

The Cantonese accent while speaking a foreign language

The sound of Star Ferry’s rattling engine noise

The jingle of the TVB newscast

Eating at the night market at the noisy junction in Temple Street
Corners of Battery and Woo Sung Streets

Gym salesmen chasing you down the street yelling their promotions at you

Large groups of domestic helpers dancing on Sundays

MTR staff holding up stop signs during rush hour telling people to queue

Beyond’s song in every protest, “Boundless Oceans, Vast Skies” (海闊天空)

The annoying sound of motorcycle engines speeding on the highway in the middle of the night

Parents’ Asian-style disciplining in public

People yelling “where are you?” at the meeting point under Times Square’s huge TV

The annoying sounds of Candy Crush on the MTR

Novice-level recorder skills for every kid who went to primary school here

The rapid beeping sound when the green light flashes: run!

Old people and their pet caged birds in parks
Yuen Po Street Bird Garden, Prince Edward

The sound of clinking china when Hongkongers rinse their tableware before a dim sum meal

The firecracker and drumming sounds at the Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance during Mid Autumn Festival

A tranquil nighttime walk along TST waterfront to Hung Hom, hearing nothing but the harbor and distant cars

The trickle of water when hiking at Bride’s Pool
Get there: Take KMB bus no.75K from Tai Po Market MTR Station to Tai Mei Tuk, get off at the green pavilion

The origin story of “Swiss Sauce” chicken wings— how “Swiss” was a mispronunciation of “sweet” soy sauce.
Tai Ping Koon’s famous variety has plenty of aromatic sesame oil and huadiao wine. G/F, 60 Stanley Street, Central, 2899-2780

The mass of people crossing the road at Sogo, the busiest intersection in the city
Sogo, 555 Hennessy Rd., Causeway Bay, 2833-8338

People swearing on the football/basketball pitch at Victoria Park

Local farmers showing off their wares at farmers markets
Tong Chong Street Markets, every Sunday through Jun 12, 2016, 11am-5pm. Taikoo Place, Tong Chong Street, Quarry Bay

The difference in the sound of an adult and a concessionary octopus card on the MTR gates 

The sound of mahjong shuffling when walking past a mahjong school
...which are actually licensed gambling businesses. Intimidated? Learn the basics from

Uncles gathering to play chinese chess in park pavilions

Iconic Hong Kong birds chirping and hooting in the early evening and early morning

The MTR PA telling people to stand still on the escalator, and to not look at their mobile phones

One of a kind Cantonese slang terms and swear words

The music coming from Mr. Softee ice cream trucks

Middle aged men discussing the latest races while yum cha

The tantalizing drilling sounds coming from construction sites

Long, drawn out annoying horns by impatient drivers

Poor reporters shouting against the howling typhoon winds while doing live reports outdoor

Classic TV ads that are still playing after 30 years
The Sze Hing Loong peanut commercial, anyone?

The chuckles at TakeOut Comedy
B/F, 34 Elgin St., Central, 6220-4436,

The sound of flipping pages in the City Hall study room before public exam periods
5 Edinburgh Place, Central

The delightful end-of-school-day chimes instead of jarring school bells


Things we see on the streets

The iconic Victoria Harbour skyline
Grab a drink at the Ozone for an unblocked view: 118/F, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, ICC, 1 Austin Rd. West, West Kowloon, 2263-2270,

Cascades of long dark locks in whatever crowds you go through.

The perennial traffic jam outside the Cross Harbour Tunnel.
Beat the traffic with the HK Road Info app, free on the app store.

The evening light show along the waterfront.
A Symphony of Lights, 8 pm daily.

Getting squashed like sardines during rush hour on the MTR

The iconic green trams
Ride all the way from the Shau Kei Wan Terminus to the Western Market for a full experience.

Dim sum trolleys
Metropol Hong Kong is one of the few places that still serve dim sums in trolleys. 4/F, United Centre, 95 Queensway, Admiralty, 2865-1988

The impressive ridges of Lion Rock
For great views of the iconic mountain head to Lion Rock bar. 3/F, 193 Prince Edward Rd. West, Mong Kok

Rusty Signboards
Check out the neon signs on Nathan Road.

Streetside karaoke along Temple Street
(Or is it just noise?)

Talkative fortune tellers in Temple Street
Wait til it’s dark before venturing into the rows of tents—go in and try your luck!

Hawker carts touting their delicious street snacks
We all have our favorites, ours is at Tsim Sha Tsui late at night.

Wong Tai Sin Temple brimming with people during Chinese New Year
2 Chuk Yuen Village, Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon, 2327-8141

Making a wish at Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree
Lam Tsuen, Tai Po, New Territories, 2638-3678

“Mahjong School” signboards
Kai Kee Mahjong School, Shop 3, Cambridge Building, 25-39 Hong Ning Rd., Kwun Tong

Fishing boats in Aberdeen

The tallest floors of skyscrapers hidden in the mist

Old ladies “villain-hitting” with a slipper under the Canal Road flyover

Gazing at bokehs of street lamps and neon signs through a window on a rainy night
The observation elevator at Hopewell Centre 183 Queen’s Rd. East, Wanchai, Hong Kong.

Standing along the piers at night, between two distinct skylines
See it: Hung Hom Ferry Pier

Local hair game: Strong

The fake sky above Sky Bar at Langham Place
It feels a little like the final scene of Jim Carey’s “The Truman Show” Langham Place, 8 Argyle St., Mong Kok

Seafood with a view in Sai Kung
Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant, 87-89 Man Nin St., Sai Kung, 2792-6938

Beautiful scenic hikes just a stone’s throw away

The old juxtaposed with the new in our architecture

The cartoon-driven cafes where fans queue for hours
Gudetama Cafe by Izumi Curry, Yata, LG/F, apm Millennium City 5, 418 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong

The lively protests in Causeway Bay on important public holidays
Labour Day’s coming up, so prepare yourself for the parade of workers.

Pristine, lesser-visited beaches, such as Hap Mun Bay.
Get there: Take bus no. 92 from Diamond HIll MTR station and get off at Sai Kung Town, then rent one of the sampans by the waterfront.

Our city not being one flat boring terrain

The exploding street art scene everywhere you look
Our favorite is the colorful staircase in Public Square Street, Yau Ma Tei

More shopping malls per square mile than probably anywhere in the world

Having hot pot in Sham Shui Po beneath the neon lights
Wo Kui Hot Pot (鍋居火鍋專門店), G/F, 191 Fuk Wan St., Sham Shui Po, 2780-1618

Dragon boat racing at Stanley Beach
Catch the annual Stanley International Dragon Boat Championships on Jun 9. 8am-6pm at Stanley Main Beach

The temple fairs at Tai Kok Tsui, and foreigners dressed up like ancient emperors

The record-breaking big fish on Lamma that’s worshipped at the Tin Hau temple in Sok Kwu Wan
Tin Hau Temple, Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma Island

Getting lost around the brown Ma On Shan line—because no one really gets it, still

Dispensary cats and social media pages for dispensary cats
Brother Cream, we love you!

The first five and last three episodes of TVB soap operas.
You don’t really need to watch the rest…

Long lines of parents and children on kindergarten registration days

People reselling iPhones right outside Apple stores
The Toy House, 100 Canton Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui

Kids doing homework in practically every café

Long queues outside newly opened restaurants

Long queues outside ladies’ restrooms

Girls with horizontal Korean-inspired brows, whether it looks good on them or not
Get the look: 3CE, 42 Sai Yeung Choi St. South, Mong Kok, 2387-4577

People carrying UV-protective umbrellas on a sunny day

Men helping their female partners carry their handbags

Buses so packed the doors can barely shut

People pushing their dogs around in carriages

Schoolgirls wearing sweaters over their cheongsam uniforms in 30 degree weather

Older people running into MTR carriages to hog seats

People sprinting across the platform at Admiralty MTR

Pole-leaners on the MTR

Domestic helpers picnicking on pedestrian walkways

Shoe shiners on Theatre Lane, Causeway Bay

The Aqua Luna’s red sails 

Elaborate shopping mall Christmas decorations

Funny, badly phrased words on T-shirts

People taking selfies with the lazy pandas in the background at Ocean Park
Aberdeen, 3923-2323

Cruising to the top of Central on the Mid-Levels Escalator

Peering into each bag of tropical fish at the goldfish market
Bute Street and Tung Choi Street North, Mong Kok

Watching the sun set at Ha Pak Nai
Get there: Take green mini bus No. 33 at Tai Fung Street in Yuen Long Town and get off at Tai Kok Miu

The view out onto the water at the “Instagram Pier” in Shek Tong Tsui

The Sai Wan Swimming Shed
This photogenic jetty at the western end of K-Town was once popular with early morning harbor swimmers. Kennedy Town

Walk-up overpasses
Annoying to some, but you can cross the street safely, get a mini-workout, and enjoy an elevated view

Dog-friendly hipster cafés are everywhere, if you know where to look
The Barking Lot Café is a café, adoption center as well as an education center. 14 Stanley Main St., Stanley


Funny observations, icons, and daily occurrences

Forget your wallet? Your Octopus card’s got you covered

Road Beers from “Club 7/11”
Grab a 7-Eleven drink and hang out at a park. Hollywood Road Park, Sheung Wan

Food delivery is magical
Deliveroo ( and FoodPanda ( are here to bring your favorite meals to you in less than an hour.

Tsui Wah at 4am in LKF
Nothing beats a warm, crispy butter bun splattered with sweet condensed milk after a crazy night out. G-2/F, 15-19 Wellington Street, Central

Feeling like you’re taking a mini trip when you jump on a ferry

Great leisure biking trails are easily accessible
The Tai Wai to Tai Po route (14-20km) gives you a gentle, 2.5-3.5 hour workout.

The affordability of public transport
$2.30 gets you across Hong Kong Island on a tram. We’re not complaining.

Big events to look forward to each year
Art month and the Rugby Sevens in spring, Clockenflap and Beertopia in fall.

The relief you feel when you can snag a reluctant cross-harbour taxi at 2am

Navigating the maze at the Wan Chai Computer Centre for all of your dorky needs.
130 Hennessy Rd, Wan Chai, 5826-3698

Hikes on the Southside and Tai Tam
Get there: Take bus no. 14 from Sai Wan Ho MTR Station

Being able to get your shoes fixed just about anywhere
The cobblers just outside Central MTR Exit D1 and D2 are your best friends.

Convenient laundry services
Too lazy? The recently launched Washie app will get your laundry done— without you moving an inch.

Striking up a random conversation about politics with the taxi driver while stuck in traffic

Heated conversations about reluctant taxi drivers.
Still find it difficult to get cabs? Try Hopsee, a ride-sharing platform.

Superstar tutors posing on the backs of buses

Bananas flying in Legco meetings

Having a good laugh browsing through the limitless creativity by netizens on Golden Forum

Browsing Shanghai Street for hotel-quality kitchenware
Shanghai Street, Mong Kok

The fondly named “Li’s field” during typhoon season preventing work days off for bad weather
(Named after Li Ka-shing.)

Junk parties in the middle of sweltering August
Check out fully equipped boats from

Ice-cold office climates

People racing for the $1 deals at the annual Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo in Victoria Park

The “camera eats first” trend
Trend, or shall we say rule?

Browsing all the art galleries and curios shops on Hollywood Road
Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan

Four firework shows a year against the stunning skyline

Dressing up for high tea at The Pen
The Peninsula, Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, 2920-288

Praying with joss sticks at a temple
Man Mo Temple, 124 Hollywood Rd., Sheung Wan, 2540-0350

Paying homage to the great Bruce Lee at the heritage museum
Heritage Museum, 1  Man Lam Road, Sha Tin, 2180-8188

Happy Wednesdays at the Races
It’s just $10 to get in at the public enclosure for awesome mid-week fun. Happy Valley Racecourse, Happy Valley

Hong Kong Chic: innovative fashion startups based on local elements
Social enterprise Handsome Bag Co. makes bags out of discarded taxi seats.

Chilling at Chi Lin Nunnery
5 Chi Lin Drive, Diamond Hill

Hong Kong cinema is something to be proud of.
Have you watched “Ten Years,” the recent Best Picture win at the Hong Kong Film Awards?

The “Ting Hai” Effect (丁蟹效應)
Also known as the “Adam Cheng effect,” this urban myth refers to the sudden drop in the stock market Hong Kong actor Adam Cheng is onscreen. Rollercoaster-style buses when sitting on the top deck

The legendary “Four Heavenly Kings” of 90s Cantopop
Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Aaron Kwok and Leon Lai

Proximity to all of Asia—perfect for wanderlusters

Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui’s legacy stretching from stage to screen.
Check out their duet “芳華絕代”(Fong Wa Juet Doi) and their 1988 film “Rouge”.

Walking along Sai Yeung Choi Street in Mong Kok on a Friday night

Crossing the border from Hong Kong to Shenzhen in literally the same building
Lo Wu Station, East Rail Line, MTR

The obsession with whitening skincare products

Old people working out on playground facilities

Vendors selling anti-government fai chun banners at the Chinese New Year fair

The vain attempts to create patterns in fireworks displays

Quoting Stephen Chow movies that everyone grew up with.

That version of “Only You” in “A Chinese Odyssey II: Cinderella”? Nailed it.

Hong Kong’s beloved cartoon pig, McDull

Stepping up and down Pottinger Street in Central, also known as “stone slab street”

Being deathly afraid of the monkeys at Shing Mun Country Park

Plush toys given as presents for university graduates.

The narrowing harbor and all the nostalgia that comes with it

Beautifully sculpted parks
Tamar Park in Admiralty is the perfect spot for spring picnics.

Red, white and blue canvas bags

Banyan trees adorning old streets

Flocks of mainlanders at Sheung Shui station hoarding pharmacy essentials

The elderly doing tai chi in public parks

Feeling like you’ve left the city with a quick staycation to the Southside
We love: Ovolo Southside, 64 Wong Chuk Hang Rd., 2165-1000

Ducking into air conditioned shops every 30 seconds in the summertime

Spending a chill sunday in half air-conditioned, half seaside breezy goodness at The Pulse
Limewood, Shop 103-4, The Pulse, 28 Beach Road, Repulse Bay, 2866-8668

Shopping on “sneaker street” in Mong Kok for all the newest kicks
Fa Yuen Street, Mong Kok

Sipping a cheap cold beverage at the top of Pier 3 for a million dollar view
New Discovery bar, Central Pier 3, Man Kwong St., Central

Rooftop bars never get old here
We love: Sugar, 32/F, EAST, 29 Taikoo Shing Rd., Quarry Bay, 3968-3738

Being able to hop across mini islands when kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding at the beach
Ah Kwok Water Sport Center, Sai Sha Beach, Sha Ha, Sai Kung (Opposite Beach Resort Hotel), 9170-7513

All you can eat cha chaan teng food? It’s not just a dream
An all-you-can-eat meal of CCT classics starts at $88 at Cafe Hong Kong, 18 Hollywood Rd., Central, 2806-0220

Couples sneaking around love hotels and averting eye contact

Paying our bills at 7-Eleven

Squeezing all the fruit in the market before you buy it

Learning how to play “Big Two”

Taxi doors that open for us

Getting your $2 discount for the MTR fare
The Mid-Levels Escalator, Central

The “boat” that takes you across the river at the Yuen Long biking trail
MTR Yuen Long Station, Exit B

Gallery-hopping on opening nights
Usually Thursdays

Weird Asian-inspired pizzas with unusual ingredients

The fear of not being heard when you yell for your stop on a mini-bus