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CY Leung's Special Case Handbook

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 14 April, 2016, 11:04am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:04pm

CY Leung found himself in hot water last week for allegedly pulling a few strings to get some baggage delivered to his daughter. Representatives of the airport defended it as a “special case,” which is a really good pun. But what exactly does that “special case” entail? Here are some guidelines for institutions to follow in the future.

Case Study I.

You represent an airport authority and a traveler has left their baggage behind after going through the security checkpoint. Their father—a man of considerable influence—calls to request that you make an exception and pass the baggage to the passenger.

What do you do? This is a special case. Grovel and accede to his demands, because you’re after a third runway.

Case Study II.

You run a popular public transportation service in the city. A man of substantial important accosts you to say that he wants to bring his giant instrument onto the train and he also wants free rides for life.

What do you do? This is a special case. Kowtow to this man’s right to affordable public transport while hiking the rest of the fares to help pay for it.

Case Study III.

You run an international bank with significant holdings in Hong Kong. A man with powerful friends wants you to move some of his funds to an offshore account, in a move that is totally legal if morally dubious.

What do you do? This is a special case. Go ahead, everyone else is doing it.

Case Study IV.

You are a property developer running a lucrative business. A man with influence over development rights asks you to build a luxury villa for him on a plot of empty land, instead of using it to build much-needed public housing.

What do you do? This is a special case. Build it, illegal basements and all.

Case Study V.

You are a broadcaster with a free-to-air TV license making shows of questionable quality. A man who controls the future of your broadcasting license calls and asks to appear in the starring role of a new soap opera, “Executive Orders XVIII.”

What do you do? This is a special case. As a politician, he is a skilled dissembler. He’ll be superb at acting.