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Maya Yuen Shares Her Hong Kong Favorites

The jewelry designer retails her eponymous at accessories stalwarts The9thMuse as well as online.

PUBLISHED : Monday, 18 April, 2016, 5:04pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:04pm

From Lane Crawford jewelry marketer to Central Saint Martins-trained jewelry designer, Maya Yuen launched her eponymous brand in Hong Kong in 2015, retailing at accessories stalwarts The9thMuse as well as online. Her debut range features bold geometric shapes and clean lines referencing architecture. We pick her brain about her sleek aesthetic and how it translates across to her everyday style.

Working in fashion, what are your thoughts on style? Style to me is about how you present yourself as a person. It’s not just about fashion or what you wear, but also your manner, your vision, your creativity and your principles. My go-to outfit is always something minimalist. I am interested in sleek, simple shapes in a monochrome and toned-down palette. Sharp, smart and practical. Black is definitely my best friend: 90 percent of my wardrobe is black. It’s a no-frills hue that always works. It also saves me a lot of time in picking my outfit… especially in the early morning.

What’s your favorite under-the-radar place to shop? Pantry Magic. I admit I am a hopeless foodie who loves food and loves to cook food. I can find many kinds of unusual cooking tools here. My most recent purchase was an Italian pasta making machine and a piece of pizza stone. I’ll get a paella pan in the near future.

What’s your go-to comfort meal in Hong Kong? Law Fu Kee, The Congee Expert (羅富記粥麵專家). When I’m feeling under the weather, a good bowl of beef congee will do the trick as an instant pick-me-up and a natural remedy. These guys have been doing business for more than a few decades. There’s a reason why they’re one of the best in town!

What’s the best meal you’ve had recently? The Chairman (大班樓) is totally worth the hype! I love the authentic and yet traditional Cantonese cuisine, using only fresh and local ingredients and no MSG. There are some traditional Cantonese dishes that always take me down memory lane with flavors from my childhood.

What’s your personal favorite spot in the city? Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park. The open atmosphere and the greenery, which is rare in Hong Kong. When the weather is good, I’ll have a lunch picnic over there while working on my design sketches. I’ve found my creativity flows better when I am surrounded by greenery and a relaxing environment.

What was the most romantic thing your partner has ever done for you? Leaving love memo notes in random places in the house.

What quality do you think is the sexiest? Being a good listener and in turn being able to introduce some philosophical insight into a conversation.

Do you believe in a higher power? My foremost concern is a rational understanding of how the world works rather than a sense of connection to something larger than myself. That said, faith is important to me because it helps us cope with the struggles and hardships of life and encourages love and moral behavior.

What’s your favorite thing to do to unwind? Hiking! All the way from Conduit Road up to the Peak via Lung Fu Shan Country Park [Central Green Trail] is my most frequent route. It is very soothing surrounded by the nature and greenery. It allows me to take a slow pace and clear my mind.

And on a day when you feel like treating yourself? Deep tissue massages followed bya nice haircut.

What quality do you strive to have in your everyday life? To maintain a positive mental attitude! I believe a positive mindset can help us to overcome many unexpected obstacles in life. It is a habitual way of thinking that encourages me always endeavor to do better.