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Hong Kong: Think of the Men

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 21 April, 2016, 6:20pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:05pm

Last week the Equal Opportunities Commission helped a man take a bar in Mong Kok to court, on the grounds that their ladies’ night was discriminatory against men. It won, and the plaintiff is currently considering how much to claim in damages due to emotional distress.

Maybe, in some literal sense, the ladies’ night really is discriminatory against men. After all, it’s only on every single day except for ladies’ night that men get better treatment in society. But if the EOC thinks it’s worth the fight, then we’re right here alongside it. After all: WHAT ABOUT THE MEN?

Take the city’s nail salons, its hairdressers and its waxing salons. They’re full of special deals for women but you’ve got to ask: WHAT ABOUT THE MEN? Don’t men also need to get their nails manicured, their hair done and their pubic regions depilated? It’s ridiculous to gender these services and we fully expect the EOC to be briefing its lawyers as we speak.

Hong Kong’s gynecologists have an exclusively female-only clientele. Hey, hang on a second. WHAT ABOUT THE MEN? It’s ridiculous that men should be unable to see doctors who specialize in female reproductive health and anatomy. EOC, why aren’t you looking into this? Have you been scared off by the politically correct lobby?

Men earn considerably more than women in Hong Kong—on average, $2,500 more per month. You might think guys have the sweeter deal there. But WHAT ABOUT THE MEN?? Sure, they make more money. But then they have to spend that cash on stuff like houses for their mistresses in Shenzhen. It’s just not fair and it’s just not right. We fully expect the EOC to be investigating this flagrant discrimination.

Bathrooms are a clear-cut case of discrimination. Men’s toilets feature urinals and cubicles, whereas women’s toilets have cubicles exclusively. So WHAT ABOUT THE MEN??? You might think that this makes sense based on human anatomy but it doesn’t. Some men are pee-shy and have to wait for a free cubicle, making urinals plainly discriminatory. EOC, time to put on those legal briefs.

CY Leung was in court this week to testify at the trial of Raymond “Mad Dog” Wong Yuk-man, who has been charged with assaulting the Chief Executive with a glass of water. But WHAT ABOUT THE MEN???? If CY Leung had been a man instead of a harbinger of the end times incarnated in human flesh, we’d all be treating this case pretty differently, wouldn’t we? Classic discrimination. EOC, you’d better be on the case right now.