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Hong Kong's Perfect Boat: 16 Things You Need to Know on Your Junk Trip

Mid-May marks the start of junk season: We go behind the scenes of the city's very best in summertime fun. 

PUBLISHED : Friday, 13 May, 2016, 2:55pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:07pm

1) Sharks

Not a real threat, despite yearly reports to the contrary. Hong Kong’s last fatal shark attack was in 1995.

2) Jellyfish

Keep an eye out for these little stingers. Don’t mess with them and they won’t mess with you. Oh, and peeing on a sting doesn’t work. Try fresh water.

3) Pool noodles

Got ‘em? Bring ‘em. These friendly floating tubes are an essential aid to junk trip survival.

4) The bow

Ideal on the way out thanks to its proximity to the water. Becomes prime tanning zone later in the day. 

5) Nookie corner

The forward cabin is stuffy and not very nice at all, but hookups have been known. Our advice: save it for dry land, Romeos. 

6) The one guy no one knows

There’s always one person who’s on the junk for reasons that are never fully explained. Treat them kindly: next time, it could be you. 

7) The beer swim

Perfect the art of swimming with a can of beer held above sea level. This is absolutely essential. 

8) Toilets

Junks don’t have septic holding tanks, so they flush straight into the sea. Which means that if you’ve got to drop a number 2, don’t do it when the junk’s stationary. If you’re swimming around the junk and you see toilet paper in the ocean: get away quick. 

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9) Cocktail station

If you’re feeling adventurous, consider setting up a cocktail station for the higher class junk attendees to mix up a drink or two. Fine suggestions include Negronis (all you need is Campari, sweet vermouth, gin and orange) or caipirinhas (cachaca/white rum, sugar, limes).

10) Ice

Most boats will supply ice to cool your drinks, but it won’t be safe to drink. Ask for drinking ice if you’re planning on anything more adventurous than just cooling beer.

11) Back of the boat

Repository for all the food. There are always way too many potato chips. Go figure. 

12) Beer cooler

Beer is the lifeblood of any junk and the sound of a case of beer tumbling into a cooler is an essential start to your trip. Just make sure you have enough, because a dry junk is a terrible fate.  

13) The top deck

Traditionally the spot for a lazy, tired journey home into the harbor sunset. Jumping from the top is both fun and hazardous depending on how slippery it is (and how much alcohol you’ve had).

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14) Sunscreen

Bring it, use it, or you’ll end up the color of the Hong Kong flag—complete with pale bits...

15) GoPro

These days, action cams are an essential part of any junk trip. Make sure you have a floating selfie stick. This year, though, we’re hoping for more junk DRONES. Get on it, cinematographers.

16) The speedboat

Is renting a speedboat worth the extra $1,000-3,000? That’s up to how active you’re feeling. Remember, there’s always one person who’s 20 times better at wakeboarding than everyone else.