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Hong Kong's Best Fish and Chips

Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the flakiest fish of them all?

PUBLISHED : Friday, 13 May, 2016, 12:27pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:07pm

Catch on Catchick
The Fish (5/5) This K-town resto presented us with a genuinely delicious and quality chunk of sea perch ($198), perfectly seasoned with just a squeeze of lemon. We found ourselves calling it a “fish sandwich” because of how easily it could be picked up and eaten while remaining perfectly intact—the soft and flavorful fish was delicately cradled between the sweet and crispy golden brown batter.
The Chips (4/5) Thick, just how we like them. Twice-cooked and never frozen, these fries have an authentic potato taste while still remaining as crispy as they should be. 
The Sides (4/5) The tartar sauce was made from the owner’s secret family recipe and a little plainer than the rest, but good to complement the strong flavors in the rest of the meal. 
The Verdict (5/5) With its chilled-out atmosphere, Catch is the all-in-one package for enjoying a solid plate of fish‘n’chips with an alfresco vibe.  

Fish and Chick
The Fish  (5/5) After checking out the wide selection of local and international fish, we settled on the hake from New Zealand ($145). The hake was beer-battered and fried in the crispiest batter we had by far. Though this gold and flaky batter tried its best to outshine the fish, it couldn’t. The hake’s undeniably fresh taste was what defined this dish as more than just your run-of-the-mill fish‘n’chips. 
The Chips (3/5) The chips here are nothing to write home about, but then again, plain ol’ chips are never a bad thing. 
The Sides (3/5) The fish‘n’chips come with traditional mushy peas, homemade tartar sauce, and lemon and salt garnishes. The mushy peas were a bit under-seasoned, but the tartar sauce was creamy and refreshing.
The Verdict (4/5) With a wide selection of fish and no-fuss execution, Fish and Chick spoils you with a satisfying meal and a view overlooking the K-Town harborfront.

The Fish (4/5) Hooked serves up a hunk of fresh, sustainably-caught New Zealand blue cod and a mound of classic chips ($95), wrapped in paper for on-the-go feasting. The batter is made from a top-secret recipe, but what we can tell you is that it’s fried in Australian sunflower oil and therefore low cholesterol and non-GMO, so you can feel a little healthier about chowing down on this dish.
The Chips (4/5) Also a product of New Zealand, the chips here are double-fried and go great with the selection of tartar, tomato and chili sauces ($5).  
The Verdict (4/5) If you’ve got fish‘n’chips on your mind but aren’t looking for all the effort of a sit-down meal, then Hooked is your go-to for sure.

The Fish (5/5) Seasalt’s signature fish‘n’chips foregoes the classic cod, instead opting for Indonesian barramundi ($135). Thank god they do, because the barramundi came out incredibly flaky and juicy. The batter had a doughy, homemade bread taste to it, and worked perfectly with the slight fishiness of the barramundi.
The Chips (5/5) Although a bit dry, the chips had a good wholesome potato taste and were perfect for soaking up all of the delicious sauces. 
The Sides (5/5) You can order your fish with a side salad instead of chips, but let’s be real—if you’re eating fried fish, who are you kidding with that salad? They also had a variety of sauces including tartar (so delicious) and garlic aioli. 
The Verdict (5/5) If you want fish‘n’chips that does justice to the main ingredient, come here for a satisfying meal that’ll leave your stomach and your wallet happy.

London House 
The Fish (5/5) This Atlantic cod is sent to Hong Kong chilled but never frozen, in order to prevent loss of flavor and retain its moisture and texture prior to being beer-battered. The fish was thick and succulent if a little oily, but the crispy and well-seasoned batter stole the show. A bonus: The fish is portioned out by weight, so ordering one serving ($208) could get you up to three whole fillets.
The Chips (4/5) London House uses Agria tubers, which have a low starch content so they don’t end up gluey when cooked. Peeled, hand-cut and cooked in-house, these chips had a strong taste of real potato. 
The Sides (5/5) We loved the minty side of mashed peas tossed in rich butter.  
The Verdict (4/5) It’s not the cheapest option in town, but come for the waterfront atmosphere and generous servings.