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Last Week in Viral News

We take a look back at the local news that spread like wildfire.

PUBLISHED : Friday, 20 May, 2016, 10:57am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:08pm

May 7, Sat: A photo of signs posted outside a park in Tseung Kwan O goes viral: Visitors are asked not to eat, hang their laundry out to dry, or make noise in the park. Netizens question why the park was even built in the first place, and suggest that they just put up a “Keep Out” sign instead.

May 8, Sun: In a video uploaded to Facebook, an agitated middle-aged man is seen arguing with a police officer after being asked to show some ID. Gesturing wildly and shouting obscenities, the man tells the officer he wants to lodge a complaint against him and questions whether he is actually a real officer of the law. The policeman responds that he can get his supervisor to verify his identity. The man then taunts the officer for seeming nervous and dares him to draw his gun. Netizens blame the heated exchange on rising tension between police officers and Hong Kong citizens.

May 9, Mon: A video uploaded to Facebook goes viral: A man and a boy are seen crawling under the turnstiles of an MTR station while a woman holding a piece of luggage waits for them on the other side. A bystander says the man claimed he had bought a ticket, but didn’t know how to use it to exit the station because it was his first time in Hong Kong, while the woman said the boy didn’t have a ticket because in their hometown of Liaoning, children under 1.3 meters ride for free.

May 10, Tue: A 64-year-old unemployed man is sentenced to two months in jail for the possession of drug paraphernalia and for discarding the body of his drug addict roommate in the stairwell of their Nathan Road residence. His lawyer told the court that the man did not report his roommate’s death because he was afraid the police would suspect he was involved. This sentencing comes a day after a 72-year-old owner of a Tsuen Wan flat was also sentenced to two months in prison for disposing of the body of a 60-year-old man in the stairwell of his apartment block. The flat owner dumped the body after finding the man unconscious in his flat and failing to resuscitate him.

May 11, Wed: At 1:30pm, an SUV which appears to have lost engine power pulls over along Paterson Street in Causeway Bay. A woman driving with her daughter rear-ends the SUV. The owner of the SUV gets out of the vehicle to speak to her, but the woman tries to drive off, even as the SUV owner and a passing taxi driver stand in front of the car to stop her. The driver is seen sticking her tongue out at passersby who are recording the incident. The woman is finally stopped and police later arrive to question her. She is released.

May 12, Thu: At Tsuen Wan Magistrates’ Courts, a 23-year-old police officer pleads guilty to loitering. He was accused of following various women into the elevator of a Tung Chung apartment block and taking photos of their legs and shoes over the course of two hours. He was also accused of masturbating into a female resident’s shoes, which had been placed outside her apartment. The officer allegedly wiped the shoes down and was about to leave the building when a security guard stopped him. When searched, his pocket was found to contain a phone with 21 pictures of women’s legs and shoes, and a piece of tissue with the officer’s semen on it.

May 13, Fri: A video of surveillance footage goes viral: A man and a woman enter a lift in a mall in Mong Kok. Soon after the doors close, the woman pulls her pants down and squats to urinate. After about five seconds, the woman gets up, puts her pants back on and presses an elevator button. The doors open and the couple leave quickly.