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11 Reasons to Love What W Guangzhou Fashion Week Is Doing

PUBLISHED : Friday, 20 May, 2016, 1:14pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:08pm

A few days ago we stopped by the W Guangzhou’s first ever W Fashion Week to see just what it had in store for us Hongkongers. What we got was the chance to hang out with some great people at a hip event that’s all about featuring talented designers and musicians, and reminding us all about the creativity and pizzazz that we sometimes forget China can flaunt. Here are the highlights:

1. Models.

Model after model rocking the incredible work of the designers, who definitely didn't make us self-conscious. Like, at all.

2. Hong Kong Designer Raymond Hui.

We had a quick chat with Hong Kong designer Raymond Hui, of the 080 Group, whose flagship store StyleLab provides professional makeup, hair styling and fashion direction to its clients. Now based in Guangzhou, Raymond’s as interesting and down to earth as he is chic, and his presence at the fashion show is another forward in his design journey. “They didn’t have any design school in Hong Kong when I was young," says Raymond, "So I immersed myself in my love for fashion by putting on a fedora and going to the disco—then I made friends with hairdressers who taught me what fashion was.”

3. This guy from Raymond Hui's Staff (L).

If this guy from doesn’t make you want to shout “China, you do you!” then we don’t know what will. #fashion #is #individuality. 

4. Mister Safari Cowboy.

The undisputed king of photography: this safari cowboy who was there at any given moment to snap impromptu pics of everyone.

5. This Sassy Mannequin.

She wore it better than anyone.

6. Shirtless Johnny Depp.

This Pirates of the Caribbean-era Johnny Depp look-alike who decided shirts were so, like, last season. He could be seen chatting up any of the beautiful models with ease. Teach us your ways, Captain Jack of the runway.

7. These Spring Roll Cigars.

Deceptive and delicious cigar-shaped spring rolls? Now that's fashion.

8. Florian Kuhn, Fashion Visionary.

We got to know Florian Kuhn, the General Manager of the W Guangzhou. "We thought, let's do something to support the local community. Let's find a way to support upcoming designer and brands. Let's do a W Fashion Week," says Kuhn. It worked.

9. This Piano Key Necktie.

This tie almost had us inappropriately groping this man’s torso while humming "Piano Man."

10. The After-Party.

The late-night festivities were headlined by the Venezuelan band Radio Gamma, whose flawless weaving of contemporary western hits with classic throwbacks and Latino music really capped off a great night. Read Spanish? Check 'em out on Twitter @radiogammas.

11. This guy who may or may not have been lost.

Hey, it's W Fashion Week: All styles are welcome. Design is everywhere. Nothing but good vibes.