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Last Week in Viral News

We take a look back at the local news that spread like wildfire.

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 02 June, 2016, 12:40pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:10pm

May 21, Sat: Footage of a 10-minute dispute goes viral: A woman carrying a stroller boards a minibus. As she heads to the back of the vehicle, her stroller bumps into another woman. The situation quickly escalates as the women hurl obscenities at one another. Other passengers, as well as the driver, appear indifferent. When the rest of the passengers get off the bus, the two women start to fight, and the driver appears to encourage them. After about five minutes, both women get off the minibus and it drives away.

May 22, Sun: At around 1pm, a woman gets off her car in the middle of Eastern Corridor and bangs on the door of a Citybus. It appears that she was unhappy about the way the bus prevented her from crossing double white lines and is trying to get on the bus to speak to the driver, who calls the police. After unsuccessfully trying to communicate with the driver, she waves in an agitated manner, takes a photo of the bus and blows him a kiss before driving off. 

May 23, Mon: At around 3:45pm, a woman who appears to have failed to catch the Light Rail jumps onto the tracks in front of the train. She demands that the driver should apologize for starting the train and yells at Light Rail employees standing on the platform, ignoring their pleas for her to get off the tracks. The woman opens an umbrella to shield herself from the sun. She is later escorted away by Light Rail staff and sent to Tuen Mun Hospital with a swollen ankle.

May 24, Tue: At around 5pm, a woman is seen walking her dog in Stanley Plaza. On another leash, she is leading a woman who is crawling alongside the dog. The crawling woman is wearing a dog collar, knee pads and gloves, and shows no signs of resistance. Some suggest that it is a performance art piece. 

May 25, Wed: Footage of a dispute on a KMB bus surfaces: A woman gets on the bus in Kwun Tong and refuses to pay the full $5.10 fare, insisting that she is eligible for an Octopus card interchange discount—except her Octopus card has run out of money. The driver tells her that only passengers with Octopus cards with credit get the discount. She calls the police, claiming that the driver has threatened her. Some passengers demand to be let off the bus but the driver refuses to open the door, citing the need for witnesses. Police arrive and escort the woman off.

May 26, Thu: In Wong Tai Sin, a 10-year-old girl cries and throws a tantrum, refusing to go to school because she had not finished her homework. Her overwhelmed mother calls the police for help. Paramedics arrive and the girl is taken to hospital for a medical exam.

May 27, Fri: A photo of a sign stuck to a barrier placed on a lawn in Mui Wo goes viral. The bilingual sign reads, “Dear lovely cows, this venue will be closed for a while due to an event. Hope you can inform your companions. Please be patient.” A netizen points out that the same sign was also posted several years ago in Mui Wo when organizers of a beach concert clashed with an animal rights group.