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Euro Fever: Where to Watch the UEFA Euro 2016

Football fans, listen up: The UEFA European Championship takes place from June 10-July 10. Don’t miss the kick-off this weekend: Here are our top picks for where to catch the games.

PUBLISHED : Friday, 10 June, 2016, 6:01pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:11pm

The Bad News

Euro 2016 is being held in France, with most of the matches taking place in the afternoon or evening. That’s pretty bad luck for Hong Kong, as it means that most of the games take place at either midnight or 3am. Fortunately, there are still some 9pm games you can catch, and the bars below are showing replays of the matches if you can’t prop your eyes open for long enough…

London Calling

A great spot for fans of the England squad, London House at Tsim Sha Tsui East’s Alfresco Lane will be showing the games on their big screens. Get there early for a bite of Gordon Ramsay’s signature British delights, including their renowned fish and chips. If England loses, maybe a comforting shepherd’s pie will help numb the pain.

Late Night Disco

Living far from downtown doesn’t have to hinder you from watching the Euros: McSorley’s Ale House in Discovery Bay will be showing the games on their large flat screens. They offer a wide variety of draught and bottled beers, as well as some of the best Indian dishes in town to cure that late night hankering for a curry: What could be more footy fan than that?

Football, Woohoo

In need of a half-time break from all the football? Head to Wooloomooloo Steakhouse and you can lift your eyes to a panoramic view of Victoria Harbour after the first 45 minutes. The alfresco setting of this restaurant on the Tsim Sha Tsui East waterfront makes it the perfect spot for late-night sports-watching.

Irish Charm

We’re sad for the closure of the Wan Chai branch of this iconic Irish pub, but fear not because Delaney’s Tsim Sha Tsui is still on hand to show the games, the Irish way: with pints and pints of Guinness. One of the first Irish pubs in Hong Kong, Delaney’s offers a taste of the Emerald Isle to go with the football—and you can bet it’ll be heaving for the Ireland matches.

Let the Dogs Out

More of a Wan Chai person? Drop by Lockhart Road’s staple Doghouse for the matches. You get to watch live on their eight big screens, and also chow down on food and beers.

Into the Arena

Wanna be part of the games while watching the tournament? Head to New York-style sports and gaming bar Arena by Zerve to play beer pong and shoot pool during half-time. The bar will be showing all 51 games at the Euros, including those playing in the ungodly hours, so if you’re a die-hard fan you’re sure to be surrounded by your fellow fanatics.

The Storm is Near

LKF’s quintessential bar Stormies will be broadcasting the games and offering food combos at $128, complete with a special edition Euro 2016 beer glass you can take away with you. Don’t miss their “Football Party” on June 16 before the match for games, food combos and giveaways. They’ll be showing the 3am semi-finals and final games, live.

Globally British

Rooting for England? Join the clan and head down to The Globe in Central, which will be showing the games until 2am every day. While you’re there, chow down on some filling pub grub and down a pint or three.

Feeling Homey?

Not up for the madness at a sports bar? Avoid Hong Kong’s football hooligans and stay home for a quieter match.

Watch It Now

Watch the games from the comfort of your own home by tuning into Now TV’s channel 651: the channel will broadcast all 51 matches of Euro 2016 with both Cantonese and English commentary available. On the go? You can also catch all the matches on the channel’s mobile app.
$106 per month for basic channels, extra $350 for the Euro 2016 games,

Hop Hop Hooray

Feeling peckish when staying home watching the games? Order in. Deliveroo and FoodPanda both deliver straight from restaurants in about half an hour, meaning that you can order at the start of the match and the food’ll arrive before half time. Our suggestion: Order based on the cuisine of the countries playing. Ukrainian vs. Albanian? Challenge accepted. 

Busy Bees

Can’t be bothered to pick up snacks from the supermarket? Check out new online grocery shopping service Honestbee. These guys will buzz around town doing your grocery shopping for you, from giant bags of Doritos from American supermarket Gateway, to cases of hoppy brews from bottle shop Craftissimo. They offer same-day delivery, and you can even choose a 1-hour delivery window to expect your goods to arrive.

Top Five Euro Sickie Tips

In Cantonese, to “seh bo”—“shoot the ball” means to call in sick for work. What better excuse than the Euros to seh bo for the sake of seh bo? Here are five great ways to call in sick. 

  1. “I think I have gastroenteritis. I woke up at 3am to sprint to the toilet, and I haven’t left since. My bathroom looks like…” [Go into as much excruciating detail as necessary before your boss hangs up, horrified]
  2. Get mom to do it. No boss can refuse a mom.
  3. Arrange to catch hand, foot and mouth disease from the closest baby. That’s a week off work, easy! Don’t have a nearby baby? Consider borrowing one and getting it to cough on you.
  4. Say you ate a chicken the night before and are worried it had avian flu, so you need to quarantine yourself for the length of the Euros.
  5. Along with a few friends who are also calling in sick, stage an elaborate fake kidnapping involving your ransom back to work for a raise of, oh, 30 percent?

Reminder: DON’T put anything on social media, or your first day back at work will be a fun HR meeting!