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What to Watch on Netflix This Weekend

Planning a night in this weekend? Here are our picks this weekend for what to watch on Netflix, so you don’t have to sit through 30 minutes of tortuous scrolling before you settle for a sub-par 2006 movie...

PUBLISHED : Friday, 10 June, 2016, 7:00pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:11pm

Currently on Season 2. New episode every Sunday.

If you’re down for a spot of time travel, “Outlander” has an utterly ridiculous premise that won’t disappoint. The first season was all about former WWII army nurse Claire Randall, who was transported back in time to 1743 after touching a magical stone in Inverness, Scotland, while on her second honeymoon. Back in the past, she encounters the evil doppelganger/ancestor of her husband, and falls for a Scots army man. This season, she and said army man tackle France to prevent the Jacobite risings. Catch up this month before the season finale in July.

New episodes every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

From Thursday, June 9th’s episode: Chelsea sits down with comic David Spade and Melissa Arnot, the first American woman to reach the top of Everest

Netflix’s original talk show with comic Chelsea Handler continues. Friday’s episode sees rapper Wiz Khalifa join California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newson to chat about the fight to legalize pot. In a similar vein, Chelsea tries an MMA class while stoned. Niice.

Currently on Season 2. New episode every Tuesday. 

If you want to relive some glorious 90s slasher horror with one of its most iconic masked murderers, Netflix’s TV adaptation “Scream” will sate your appetite. Or you know, make an excuse for you to cuddle up close with your special someone...


Recently launched on June 3, “Hibana—Spark” is a dramatic series based on the award-winning novel by Naoki Matayoshi. It’s about two comedians navigating the confusing world of love, meaning, and storytelling—and who better to tell that than two comics trained in the traditional art of rapid-fire manzai comedy?

Coming Up: Marco Polo, Season 2

Ever wondered what it would be like living in the court of Kublai Khan in 13th century China? In the show's second season, Italian explorer Marco Polo to the strange court alongside a returning cast including Michelle Yeoh for plenty more political and sexual intrigue. And with Dan Minahan (whose resume includes “Game of Thrones,” “Six Feet Under” and more) running the show together with Academy Award-nominated screenwriter John Fusco, you betcha that’s a whole lotta sexy intrigue. Launch date: July 1